Name Antler
Kanji アントラ
Romaji Antora
Gender Male
Blood Type
Professional Status
Personal Status
Status Alive
Alias Kouei, Kuwagata, Nagano
First Appearance

Antler (アントラ, Antora)[1] is a sinister man associated with the revival of the Jack Frost computer virus originally created by Tasuku Kurosaki.

Known also as Nagano (永野)[2] and Kouei Kuwagata (クワガタ 光栄, Kuwagata Kouei[3]), he appears to be the employer of Chiharu Mori and Akira.




The man known as "Antler" initially appeared to Tasuku Kurosaki during the latter's employment at Kenbashi Electronics. Under the direction of a politician opposed to the late Takahiro Kurosaki and researcher Hideo Midorikawa, Antler was sent to sabotage Professor Midorikawa's attempt to moderate the development of encryption code "Jack" , which was being developed by Kenbashi Electronics. Going by the alias "Nagano," he posed as an employee from the company's human resource department and pressured Kurosaki, using Kurosaki's own sense of guilt and desire for redemption, to re-create the Jack Frost virus code. For re-creating Jack Frost, Kurosaki was criminally charged and suspected for causing the death of Professor Midorikawa. Though investigators believed that "Nagano" was working as a secretary for the politician opposing Takahiro Kurosaki, "Nagano" disappeared without a trace.

Years later, Antler reappears as "Kuwagata", a computer programming technician employed by Kazuki Morizono to ensure the release of Neo-Jack Frost, a refurbished version of Kurosaki's original virus code, during Morizono's engagement party with Rena Ichinose. Unknown to Morizono, "Kuwagata" is also Antler, who had been the person who provided him with the Neo-Jack Frost virus code. After Morizono's plans are foiled by Teru Kurebayashi and Kurosaki, Antler contacts Morizono to inform him that he has served his purpose and is being abandoned. As "Kuwagata", he approaches Teru and Kurosaki to return Teru's corsage; during this incident, Kurosaki is unsettled by "Kuwagata", whom Kurosaki correctly suspects is actually "Nagano."


  1. Dengeki Daisy manga, volume 12, Viz Media translation
    Unofficial translations have referred to him as "Anthra".
  2. Incorrectly referred to as "Mizuno" in volume 8 of the Viz Media translation due to the similarity between "Mizuno" (水野) and "Nagano" (永野); later corrected in volume 12 to "Nagano".
  3. Dengeki Daisy, Chapter 57
    Kuwagata introduces himself to Teru Kurebayashi as "Kouei" (光栄), Kurosaki identifies him as "Kuwagata"