Chapter Eight: Close Friend
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Cover page of Chapter 8
Japanese Title 親友
Romaji Title Shin'yuu
Volume Volume 2
Chapter 8
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Close Friend[1] (親友, Shin'yuu) is the eighth chapter of Dengeki Daisy. It is published in volume two of the series.


Kurosaki and Riko set up the computer club in hopes of learning who is targeting Teru for her cell phone. Meanwhile, Teru receives a message that her friend Kiyoshi is being held captive by dangerous people in the geosciences room at school. Kiyoshi asks Teru for help, but she must go to the room alone.

Kurosaki remotely interrogates the computer club and learns that Kiyoshi was responsible for the computer crack that was blamed on DAISY. At the same time, Riko receives a message from Teru regarding her decision to rescue Kiyoshi in the geosciences room. Riko and Kurosaki abort their plan to find Teru.

Teru is locked in the geosciences room with Kiyoshi, who reveals that he wants her cell phone because he believes that Teru's brother Soichiro left a valuable program within it. Teru dismisses the idea, even as Kiyoshi threatens her with a box cutter. Before anyone is hurt, Kurosaki breaks the window from behind Kiyoshi and Riko unlocks the room with a master key. Frightened by the appearance of Kurosaki and Riko, Kiyoshi ends up accidentally cutting Teru's skirt. The incident distracts everyone long enough for Kiyoshi to escape.

Kiyoshi is instructed to wait for a black car at the school's gates by the unknown person who wanted Teru's phone. Kurosaki catches up to Kiyoshi and attempts to learn who contacted him to get Teru's phone. However, Kiyoshi rushes out of the school gates upon seeing a black car and is nearly run over. Teru and Riko arrive and are horrified with the scene as Kurosaki expresses his regret... for not being able to save Kiyoshi's glasses, which were broken when he saved Kiyoshi.

At home, Teru treats Kurosaki's cuts and he immediately notices that she is trying to be nonchalant about the incident with Kiyoshi, even though she is deeply upset. He comforts her by telling her that she protected Kiyoshi doing something terribly wrong before she cries herself to sleep.


  • Best friends
  • "Who did you just call?"
  • Kiyoshi is on the verge of crying.
  • Kurosaki saves Kiyoshi from being hit by a car.
  • Kiyoshi cries after being saved by Kurosaki.


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