Chapter Eighteen: The Fourth Man
Ochibichan scan dengeki daisy vol04 ch18 pg01
Chapter 18 cover
Japanese Title 第四の男
Romaji Title Daiyon no Otoko
Volume Volume 4
Chapter 18
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Chapter Seventeen: The Name of That Flower
Chapter Nineteen: The Things I Can Do For You

The Fourth Man (第四の男, Daiyon no Otoko) is the eighteenth chapter of Dengeki Daisy. It is published in volume four of the series.


Teru is watching scary stories on television when Kurosaki scares her. Because Kurosaki is suspended from his job, Teru decides to do some gardening work for him but quickly changes her mind when a very strange man appears in the storage room and frightens her away. Upon returning to class, she learns about an email virus from a sender impersonating DAISY, which outrages Teru. When people start recalling how Teru is connected to a hacker named DAISY, Kiyoshi dispels any rumours by calling the virus a stupid prank by a copycat.

Riko meets up with Kurosaki, who has been doing part-time work for a friend. When Riko brings up the DAISY virus, Kurosaki dismisses it as a copycat until Riko suggests that the imposter is baiting either him or Teru. Kurosaki rushes off to find Teru, despite Riko's attempt to assure him that the director of Teru's school will take care of it.

After school, Teru receives another email from the fake DAISY ordering her to go alone to a specific location if she wants to protect DAISY. Though she knows it isn't a good idea, she considers going because she is angry that someone is making DAISY look bad. However, the same strange man appears behind her and Teru thinks he might be the fake DAISY. Before anything happens, Kurosaki arrives and beats up the man, who is not the fake DAISY, but Kurosaki's employer.

Back at Kurosaki's apartment, the man reveals he is the director of Teru's school and that he has been watching over Teru all day as Kurosaki's substitute. When the director mentions how Teru had considered meeting the imposter DAISY, he warns her not to be reckless. He and Riko leave her with Kurosaki while they deal with the imposter. Left alone with Kurosaki, Teru realizes how angry he is that she endangered herself. They wind up watching more scary stories, which actually scare Kurosaki as well, and Teru persuades him into saying he won't let go of her hand.

Meanwhile, Riko and the Masuda have gone to the location mentioned in the imposter's email, only to learn that it was a setup to make Teru look like DAISY's accomplice. The director, Kazumasa Andou, tells Riko and the Master continue investigating because the imposter is likely watching them, an assertation which turns out to be true.


  • What a greeting...
  • ... what a response.
  • Rumours about Teru and DAISY
  • Not the fake DAISY, though...