Chapter Eleven: Thank You, Always
Ochibichan scan dengeki daisy vol03 ch11 pg01
Cover page of chapter 11
Japanese Title いつもありがとう
Romaji Title Itsumo Arigatou
Volume Volume 3
Chapter 11
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Thank You Always[1] (いつもありがとう, Itsumo Arigatou) is the eleventh chapter of Dengeki Daisy. It is published in volume three as the second chapter.


Teru helps Kurosaki in the garden, but Kurosaki lets her finish early when it begins to rain and Teru needs to take supplementary classes. In class, Iijima, an enthusiastic classmate from Teru's middle school, greets her and Kiyoshi, who has finally returned to school. Despite her previously cheerful demeanor, Teru is beginning to feel down now that it is raining.

When Iijima asks Teru to fill in for the kendo club's manager, she is reluctant to accept before learning how Kurosaki feels about it. However, Kurosaki tells her to accept the job, given that he now has Kiyoshi as a second "servant." Teru angrily goes to accept Iijima's offer while Kurosaki sends Kiyoshi to go check on some maintenance work, which Kiyoshi realizes is Kurosaki's way of keeping tabs on Teru.

During her tasks for the kendo club, Iijima's jealous girlfriend and her friends begin bullying Teru when she goes to refill some water for the club. Kiyoshi witnesses the girls pushing Teru into the rain and mud, prompting him to quietly alert Kurosaki. When the girls begin insulting Teru's brother, she finally becomes angry and tries to pick a fight with Iijima's girlfriend. However, Kurosaki suddenly appears and stops her, while scaring off Iijima's girlfriend and her friends after threatening them.

Teru is still upset with the day's incident, after which Kurosaki reminds Kiyoshi about how Teru's brother died while it had been raining. At home, Teru emails DAISY telling him that she hates rainy days. In response, DAISY tells her how he likes them because it was raining when she first emailed him and told him how lonely she felt. The message cheers her up and she goes to tell Kurosaki about how her attitude towards rainy days has changed.


  • Singing the bald song
  • Enthusiastic Iijima
  • Feeling lonely
  • Bullied by the jealous girlfriend
  • No fighting for Teru.
  • DAISY on rainy days
  • Feelings from DAISY
  • Thankful Teru
  • Feeling close to DAISY


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