Chapter Fifteen: To Become a Dishonest Woman
Ochibichan scan dengeki daisy vol04 ch15 pg03
Chapter 15 cover
Japanese Title ズルい女になるために.
Romaji Title Zuruihito ni Naru Tame ni
Volume Volume 4
Chapter 15
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Chapter Fourteen: Secret
Chapter Sixteen: Which Feelings are Those?

To Become a Dishonest Woman[1] (ズルい女になるために, Zuruihito ni Naru Tame ni) is the fifteenth chapter of Dengeki Daisy. It is the first chapter contained in volume 4 of the series.


At school, Teru Kurebayashi seems to have resumed her usual relationship with Tasuku Kurosaki - he makes her do all of his janitorial work. However, she finds herself on edge with attempting to keep secret that she has learned that Kurosaki is actually DAISY, her anonymous confidante and benefactor. Teru realizes she cannot even compose her usual emails to DAISY without the possibility of giving away she knows he is Kurosaki. The stress causes Teru to faint.

When she wakes up in the infirmary, Riko is checking up on her and Teru tries to explain what happened the previous night, though Riko misunderstands. Teru discovers that the Student Council President Rena Ichinose brought her to the infimary; when Riko leaves to finish some errands, Rena appears to visit Teru. Rena tells Teru that she looked troubled and that she should talk to someone about her feelings.

Meanwhile, Kiyoshi informs Kurosaki that Teru is in the infirmary. Teru watches them chat from her window in the infimary, including as they are joined by Riko beating Kurosaki up for what she thinks happened the previous night. Teru decides not to trouble them with her problems and turns to her friend Haruka and Rena instead.

After telling them everything that has happened between her and Kurosaki, including the incident relating to Kiyoshi, she admits that she's worried about losing Kurosaki. When Teru admits she made the decision to confirm DAISY's identity so that Kurosaki would not be forced to reveal himself as DAISY, the other girls comment there is only one choice left.

Haruka covers Teru's eyes while Rena tells her that she is certain that if Teru is forced to make a decision, she will know what to do. When Teru opens her eyes, she sees Kurosaki in front of her. While her friends flee, Kurosaki demands to know what they were doing. Unable to tell him the truth, she offers to tell him about the person she likes instead. Kurosaki backs off as Teru expects because Kurosaki knows as DAISY that she likes him. The incident resolves the tension between them and they go back to the way they were.


  • Thoughtful Teru
  • There's only one move left...
  • "What are you doing?"
  • "What are you hiding?"
  • That went well.


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