Chapter Fifty-Eight: That Day Grows Nearer
Chapter 58 cover
Chapter 58 cover
Japanese Title いつか近づく日
Romaji Title Itsuka Chikazuku Hi
Volume Volume 12
Chapter 58
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Chapter Fifty-Seven: Footsteps from the Past...
Chapter Fifty-Nine: With Our Conviction

That Day Grows Nearer[1] (いつか近づく日, Itsuka Chikazuku Hi) is the fifty-eighth chapter of Dengeki Daisy. It is the fourth chapter published in volume twelve.


With Rena rescued from Kazuki Morizono, everyone has returned to their daily lives. However, the evening before, Kurosaki had revealed his suspicion that the engineer Kuwagata was also Nagano, the man who manipulated Kurosaki into recreating the Jack Frost virus. Andou, Riko, and the Master express their concerns that the past is catching up to them.

Though Kiyoshi and Rena have joined Kurosaki's "slavery" club, Teru shares a moment alone with Kurosaki, where he asks what she wants for her birthday and thanks her for her concern, but the intimate moment is ruined when Kiyoshi unexpectedly appears. As Teru tells Riko about Kurosaki's request to know what she wants for her birthday, she recalls the corsage that Riko made as an accessory for her outfit on the cruise ship and asks if Riko can make another. The two are shocked to find a micro SD card fall out of the corsage and realize that Kuwagata must have planted it there.

When the group is assembled, they discover the micro SD contains encrypted data. As everyone speculates whether the data is connected to "M's Testament" and becomes upset, Kurosaki forces everyone to calm down by announcing that he is receiving a call from a withheld number. When he answers the call, the caller identifies himself as Antler, the same man who had once been known as Kuwagata and Nagano.


  • New members of the popular slavery club
  • An intimate moment...
  • ... and Kiyoshi has taiyaki!
  • Riko can't say no to praise like that.
  • "A micro SD card..."
  • "As you can see, I have a call."
  • "Hello."


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