Chapter Fifty-Four: A Child's Decision, An Adult's Resolve
Chapter 54 cover
Chapter 54 cover
Japanese Title 子供のけじめ 大人の覚悟
Romaji Title Kodomo no Kejime Otona no Kakugo
Volume Volume 11
Chapter 54
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Chapter Fifty-Three: With Our Friendship on the Line
Chapter Fifty-Five: Crush His Plot (Part 1)

A Child's Decision, An Adult's Resolve[1] (子供のけじめ 大人の覚悟, Kodomo no Kejime Otona no Kakugo) is the fifty-fourth chapter of Dengeki Daisy. It is the last chapter published in volume eleven.


After finding Rena's plea for help, Teru, Kiyoshi, and Haruka turn to the adults to ask for their help in saving Rena. After a long meeting, Teru returns home with Kurosaki, who reminds her that she shouldn't overexert herself if she wants to succeed at saving Rena.

The next day, Kurosaki meets up with Chiharu Mori, who gives up the details of Neo-Jack Frost, the modified version of the original Jack Frost computer virus that Kazuki Morizono intends to release. Because of its modifications, Chiharu reveals that it has weaknesses that the original did not have. When she offers to obtain crucial content from Morizono, Kurosaki declines and insults Chiharu's attempt to seduce him.

Teru and Kiyoshi head to Rena's house to meet Rena's father, who has returned from his business trip. Teru heads toward Rena's father as he exits a taxi, but he is approached by two men who try to attack him while claiming to be associated with Teru. Kiyoshi immediately holds them back with a bamboo sword while Teru defends Rena's father, informing him of her identity and that she has nothing to do with the men attacking him. Kiyoshi manages to hold his own against the attackers until a third assailant appears; Kurosaki arrives and takes out the third man while praising Kiyoshi for his efforts. The beaten men flee.

Though they present evidence to Rena's father that Rena is being held against her will and what Morizono's plans are, Rena's father is reluctant to accept their story as it lacks credibility and remarks that he has not heard Rena and Morizono's side of the story. Furthermore, Teru's reputation of being associated with DAISY counts against her, which prompts Kurosaki to reveal his identity as DAISY and his activities to Rena's father. Though Rena's father is surprised with Kurosaki's willingness to reveal such information so easily, Kurosaki answers that he is doing so because he wants Rena's father to trust Teru and Kiyoshi.

When they reiterate Rena's words, Rena's father accepts their sincerity and expresses how he regrets failing to see Rena's feelings and accepting Morizono so easily. With his support, everyone prepares for their plan to save Rena.


  • A gentle hug...
  • ...because Teru is too tense.
  • Chiharu Mori again
  • Kurosaki doesn't think she's so hot.
  • Rena's father
  • Kiyoshi and Teru to the rescue.
  • "Please trust these kids."
  • Rena's parents
  • "Our mission starts now."


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