Chapter Fifty-Nine: With Our Conviction
Chapter 59 cover
Chapter 59 cover
Japanese Title 俺たちの信念で。
Romaji Title Oretachi no Shin'nen de
Volume Volume 12
Chapter 59
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Chapter Fifty-Eight: That Day Grows Nearer
Chapter Sixty: I Depend on You

With Our Conviction[1] (俺たちの信念で。, Oretachi no Shin'nen de.) is the fifty-ninth chapter of Dengeki Daisy. It is the final chapter published in volume twelve.


Antler introduces himself as the same man who was also "Nagano" and "Kuwagata." When Teru demands to know his relationship to Kazuki Morizono, Antler admits that he had been toying with Morizono. He inquires if they have analyzed the SD card he left in Teru's corsage. When Kurosaki asks if the SD card is the key to "M's Testament," Antler remarks that he has killed a lot of people to erase its location and the SD card is one of the few remaining clues. He goes on to taunt Riko and Andou about their personal reasons for wanting to find M's Testament and psychologically manipulates Masuda into suggesting that his friends believe that he cannot be trusted. In response, Kurosaki angrily destroys the speaker and calms everyone down.

After the call ends, Antler tells Akira to enter the room, having noticed that Akira was eavesdropping. Akira demands to know about Antler's conversation with Kurosaki, stating that Antler had promised M's Testament to him. When Antler denies actually promising anything and comments that Professor Midorikawa had probably forgotten about Akira, Akira becomes aggravated and is suddenly sedated by Chiharu Mori.

At Masuda's restaurant, Kurosaki finds the bug that Antler used to eavesdrop on them. Masuda apologizes for his carelessness and explains that he is opposed to finding M's Testament due to how dangerous it could be. When he expresses that he understands why they would doubt him, Kurosaki assures him that he has always trusted Masuda. When everyone apologizes to Teru for their emotional outbursts, she tells them that their feelings are valid and rallies them to concentrate their anger on Antler. Kurosaki reminds everyone that they have the key to M's Testament.

With Akira asleep, Chiharu criticizes Antler for dangling false hope in front of Akira, but is disturbed when Antler remarks that Akira's behavior is entertaining. When Chiharu goes to check on Akira, she finds his room is empty.


  • "I was once Nagano..."
  • "... and recently, I was Kuwagata."
  • "And what are your reasons, Kazumasa Andou? Riko Onizuka?"
  • Akira doesn't like what he just heard.
  • The infamous Antler
  • Chiharu sedates Akira.
  • "I know you. You are someone I trust without a doubt."
  • With our conviction
  • "What are you going to do with him?"
  • Akira is missing


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