Chapter Fifty-One: A Dangerous Love Game
Chapter 51 cover
Chapter 51 cover
Japanese Title 危険なラブゲーム
Romaji Title Kiken'na Rabu Gēmu
Volume Volume 11
Chapter 51
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Chapter Fifty: It's Too Soon to Become a Man
Chapter Fifty-Two: A Last Testament, an Answer, and Friendship

A Dangerous Love Game[1] (危険なラブゲーム, Kiken'na Rabu Gēmu) is the fifty-first chapter of Dengeki Daisy. It is the second chapter published in volume eleven.


Teru and Rena enjoy a delicious dinner with Kazuki Morizono, Rena's fiancé, though Teru suspects that Morizono is not a good person. Meanwhile, Kurosaki and Kiyoshi are listening in on the dinner conversation through Teru's phone at a nearby cafe. Kurosaki is displeased with Morizono's attitude, though Kiyoshi tells him that girls like to be spoiled sometimes and that Morizono does not seem so bad if Teru and Rena are enjoying themselves.

At the Ohanabatake, Andou and the Master are examining the video footage from the hotel during the incident when Akira attacked Teru. They see Chiharu Mori meeting with a man they cannot recognize and resolve to ask if Kurosaki or Riko have seen the man before.

At the restaurant, Morizono belittles Rena's previous attempts to converse and learn more about him. When she protests, Morizono calls Rena's past attitude selfish and reminds her how her parents are pleased with the engagement. Rena decides to leave ahead of Teru; in response, Kiyoshi abruptly leaves the cafe. When he finds Rena crying, Kiyoshi walks home with her.

Left alone with Morizono, Teru defends Rena's behavior and tries to excuse herself. However, Morizono stops her and directly demands for Teru to provide him the means to contact DAISY. When Morizono tries to bribe her, Teru coldly dismisses him, remarking that she only listened to him out of respect for Rena and insults him by commenting that she knows a far better man than him. Teru escapes into the streets to get away from the deeply offended Morizono. Just when Morizono nearly catches her, Teru is pulled into an alley by Kurosaki. Once they lose Morizono, Kurosaki reminds Teru that her safety is a priority over protecting DAISY's identity and adds that he'll treat her to something nice for her birthday.

When everyone gathers at the Ohanabatake, Teru immediately recognizes the man from the hotel footage as Morizono. Though he has met with Chiharu, the group realizes that they may not be allies as Chiharu had but did not provide Morizono with DAISY's contact information. Everyone begins planning an investigation of Morizono. At Morizono's residence, he finishes where he berates an associate for failing to kidnap Teru. Much to his surprise, the next call he receives is from DAISY.


  • Eat first, worry later!
  • Unhappy eavesdroppers
  • "You don't want to make your parents unhappy now."
  • Kiyoshi is a gentleman.
  • Teru knows a much better man than Morizono.
  • Run Teru, run!
  • Kurosaki to the rescue.
  • A surprise phone call
  • "Now let's have a conversation between villains."


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