Chapter Fifty-Six: Crush His Plot (Part 2)
Chapter 56 cover
Chapter 56 cover
Japanese Title ヤツの企みをぶっつぶせ! (後編)
Romaji Title Yatsu no Takurami o Butsu Tsubuse! (Kōhen)
Volume Volume 12
Chapter 56
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Chapter Fifty-Five: Crush His Plot (Part 1)
Chapter Fifty-Seven: Footsteps from the Past...

Crush His Plot (Part 2) [1] (ヤツの企みをぶっつぶせ! (後編), Yatsu no Takurami wo Butsu Tsubuse! (Kōhen)) is the chapter of Dengeki Daisy. It is the second chapter published in volume twelve.


Kazuki Morizono is outraged to find that his auction has been stopped and that Rena is no longer his hostage. Teru tries stall Morizono until her friends arrive to save her. However, a sudden explosion on the ship shocks everyone, including Teru and Morizono. Morizono is frightened when he receives a call from Antler, the culprit behind the explosion and the true distributor of the Neo-Jack Frost virus. After remarking that "M's Testament" has been returned, Antler tells Morizono is no longer needed. When Teru tries to tell Morizono they need to evacuate to the life boats, he lashes out at her.

As the explosion has disrupted all the electronic locks on the ship, Kurosaki and the others are unable to reach Teru. Riko, Haruka and Chiemi reluctantly leave to join Kiyoshi, Rena, and Rena's father on another boat, while the Master rushes to join Kurosaki and Andou in their efforts to rescue Teru. As Kurosaki struggles to hack into the lock, he finds a physically distressed Akira, who reacts negatively and responds that he won't surrender "M's Testament." Chiharu Mori calls Kurosaki and reveals that Akira is dying and needs a medical injection. Kurosaki nearly succeeds at unlocking the door, but is hinder by a complex code requiring a password. Akira unexpectedly solves the code, allowing Kurosaki to open the door. He leaves Akira to Chiharu and goes to find Teru.

Teru has defended herself against Morizono using a taser accessory in her cell phone. With her friends at the door, she tries to persuade Morizono to apologize for his actions, but he believes that Teru is being condescending and pushes her over. Because he had been so upset, Morizono fails to realize that Kurosaki, Andou, and the Master have broken into the room; Kurosaki immediately knocks Morizono out. With everyone safe, Kurosaki contemplates whether he should tell Teru about his encounter with Akira when Morizono's technician, Kuwagata, makes an unsettling appearance while innocently asking if Teru has dropped her corsage.


  • Teru vs Morizono
  • This wasn't part of the plan!
  • "I'm not the captain."
  • Kurosaki tries to hack the lock.
  • Kurosaki finds Akira
  • "I have the medication he needs."
  • The passcode
  • "And they call you DAISY."
  • Another fancy feature on Teru's phone.
  • "Despairing so much you didn't notice us?"
  • Rena is thankful
  • "Kuwagata"


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