Chapter Fifty-Two: A Last Testament, an Answer, and Friendship
Chapter 52 cover
Chapter 52 cover
Japanese Title 遺言と答えと友情と
Romaji Title Yuigon to Kotae to Yūjō to
Volume Volume 11
Chapter 52
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Chapter Fifty-One: A Dangerous Love Game
Chapter Fifty-Three: With Our Friendship on the Line

A Last Testament, an Answer, and Friendship[1] (遺言と答えと友情と, Yuigon to Kotae to Yūjō to) is the fifty-second chapter of Dengeki Daisy. It is the third chapter published in volume eleven.


Teru resorts to comedically extreme measures to force Kurosaki to get up for a team meeting at the Ohanabatake, where everyone goes over the events of the previous night. As DAISY, Kurosaki had contacted Kazuki Morizono, who arrogantly offered DAISY the chance to become his subordinate by creating the original Jack Frost virus. Morizono was unnerved when DAISY remarked he already knew about fake versions of the virus from Chiharu. DAISY quickly dismissed a flustered Morizono until Morizono mentioned that he knew the location of "M's Testament." Though Morizono believed that he finally had the upper hand, DAISY told him that he was not interested and hung up.

As everyone reviews the information, Teru inquires about "M's Testament." Andou reveals that it is the data in Professor Midorikawa's hard drive that her brother had given up his life to decrypt; the hard drive's location remains unknown. When Masuda tells Kurosaki not to try and look for it, Kurosaki brushes him off, expressing a lack of interest, and heads home to get some sleep.

At school, Rena is pushing the Student Council to finish their work when Haruka arrives to check on her. Haruka reports back to her friends in Riko's office, where Riko comments that she advised Rena to break off her relationship with Morizono. Rena had rebuffed Riko's offer to help coordinate the breakup, asking Riko to allow her to do it on her own.

The next day, Teru has invited everyone to the school yard for a snowball fight to cheer Rena up and show how much they will support her. Rena is sincerely touched by their efforts. At home, Kurosaki admits to Teru that he was bothered by the mention of "M's Testament." Though he believes that he should be responsible for recovering and protecting it from falling into the wrong hands, Kurosaki knows that Midorikawa and Soichiro would not have wanted him to sacrifice his happiness to do that.

That evening, Rena goes to Morizono's office, resolved to break off their engagement. She is shocked when she overhears Morizono completing a transaction to release a new version of Jack Frost at their engagement party.


  • Teru's super effective techniques make a comeback
  • M's Testament
  • Time for a special snowball fight.
  • The girls have impressive backup.
  • "We did it so you would smile."
  • "We'll support you, Rena, no matter what."
  • "What is true happiness?"
  • Morizono is planning...
  • ... something bad.


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