Chapter Fifty: It's Too Soon to Become a Man
Chapter 50 cover
Chapter 50 cover
Japanese Title 男になるにはまだ早い
Romaji Title Otoko ni naruniha mada hayai
Volume Volume 11
Chapter 50
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Chapter Forty-Nine: Bury the Frustration in Your Heart
Chapter Fifty-One: A Dangerous Love Game

It's Too Soon to Become a Man[1] (男になるにはまだ早い, Otoko ni naruniha mada hayai) is the fiftieth chapter of Dengeki Daisy. It is the first chapter published in volume eleven.


Teru enthusiastically trains to protect herself with Kurosaki. After recent events involving Akira, Teru has been feeling especially helpless. However, she appears as cheerful as always with her friends and asks Rena about her fiancé. Kiyoshi reveals to a flustered Rena that after seeing her upset the previous night, he told Teru and Haruka so Rena could talk to them.

Riko updates Kurosaki and Kiyoshi on the incident at the hotel and the security footage they obtained. She reminds Kurosaki to leave the legwork to Andou and Masuda and that it is his duty to protect Teru, even if he is concerned about what Akira and Chiharu Mori are up to. Before leaving, Riko leaves some cookies for Kiyoshi, which Rena made as a thank-you gift for Teru and her friends. As they eat the cookies together, Kiyoshi asks Kurosaki about when he fell in love with Teru while indirectly remarking about how he is worried about Rena and how her fiancé does not appear to be a good person. Kurosaki encourages Kiyoshi to do what Kiyoshi thinks is best for Rena and to trust his own feelings, as Kurosaki doesn't think he's the best person for Kiyoshi to model his actions after.

After chatting with Haruka and Teru, Rena and Teru decide to go out to eat when they are greeted by Rena's fiancé. Though Rena becomes upset with him, Teru initially assesses that he seems to be a decent person. Her feelings change to alarm when he forcefully invites Teru to join him and Rena for dinner that night. Teru sends a text message to Kurosaki, alerting him of her suspicions and her decision to go with Rena. An irritated Kurosaki decides that he and Kiyoshi will go and see Rena's fiancé for themselves.


  • Teru Kurebayashi mastering deadly techniques.
  • Concern for Rena
  • "When they work together, they're a good combination."
  • Cookies for Kiyoshi
  • "When did you fall in love with Teru?"
  • Irresistible Teru
  • Rena's fiance doesn't seem like a bad fellow...
  • ... until now.


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