Chapter Five: I'll be Close to You When the Time Comes
Ochibichan scan dengeki daisy vol02 ch05 pg03
Cover page of Chapter 5
Japanese Title 選択の時は近づくから
Romaji Title Sentaku no Toki ha Chikazuku kara
Volume Volume 2
Chapter 5
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Chapter Four: That Person is Near Yet Far
Chapter Six: We have a problem, big sis

I'll be Close to You When the Time Comes[1] (選択の時は近づくから, Sentaku no Toki wa Chikazuku kara) is the fifth chapter of Dengeki Daisy. It is the first chapter of volume two.


Teru Kurebayashi has been living at the apartment of Tasuku Kurosaki, the school janitor, since her apartment was broken into. While her friends are supportive and even encouraging her to further her relationship with Kurosaki, Teru is apprehensive because she thinks that she's just an irritation at most for Kurosaki.

In the meantime, Kurosaki has been stressed out that Teru is staying with him because he is afraid that she will discover he is DAISY, her anonymous benefactor. When he tells the Master about how he feels badly about failing to protect Teru from whoever broke into her apartment, the Master warns Kurosaki not to let his personal guilt stand in the way of making Teru happy.

When Teru tries to open the door to Kurosaki's computer room, he accidentally frightens her away. Believing that she has bothered Kurosaki long enough with her presence, Teru returns to her apartment, where she is accosted by an aggressive door-to-door salesperson. Teru doesn't know what to do until Kurosaki suddenly appears and threatens the salesperson to leave. Kurosaki reveals he's come to drag his servant back for complete the work she owes him, to which Teru gratefully and eagerly responds to.

Kurosaki discourages Teru from entering his computer room by lying that it is filled with pornographic material and orders her to clean the rest of the apartment. After she's accomplished her work, Teru mentions how she would never be disappointed in DAISY, even if he was a horrible rotten person. When Kurosaki asks how she would feel if he were DAISY, she replies that she would learn to love everything about him. However, Teru dismisses it as a joke because Kurosaki hadn't been serious about his question. When they turn away from each other, Teru's thoughts reveal that she's fallen in love with Kurosaki.



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