Chapter Forty-Four: A Ghost Appears
Dengeki daisy chapter 44
Chapter 44 cover
Japanese Title 妖怪現る
Romaji Title Youkai Arawaru
Volume Volume 9
Chapter 44
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Chapter Forty-Three: You've Got Mail
Chapter Forty-Five: Trial and Tribulation

A Ghost Appears[1] (妖怪現る, Youkai Arawaru) is the forty-fourth chapter of Dengeki Daisy. It is final chapter published in volume nine.


Teru and Kurosaki are playing video games at his apartment since Riko has been away lately. When the local news comes on, Kurosaki is shocked and immediately calls the Master - it turns out a group involved with cyber crime and "Jack Frost" has been exposed to the media. In light of the event, everyone meets at the Master's cafe.

The Master reveals that recent news is something to be grateful for; the group that had fallen included people who wanted Kurosaki to revive "Jack Frost." The group, the cyber mafia Hyperion, had been Kurosaki's target when he attempted to destroy the revived "Jack Frost." Hyperion numbered amongst one of the more dangerous and influential cyber mafias, hiding behind various companies and being known for their ruthlessness. Despite the windfall, the adults are concerned with the ease of Hyperion's downfall, with Kurosaki being suspicious of what has become of Akira and Chiharu Mori. Given Akira's previous activities, Kurosaki worries that Akira, whom he has never met, will reappear.

In response, Teru decides to train herself so Akira won't hurt her or Kurosaki any more. Because Akira was behind hurting Kurosaki so badly, Teru doesn't want to be a hindrance to him any longer. Meanwhile, the Master has requested that Kurosaki meet Akira with the agents in the Ministry of Internal Affairs providing support. Kurosaki agrees and contacts Akira to arrange a meeting. When Teru learns about the request, she is concerned and initially refuses to allow him to go until Kurosaki reveals her consent is the only reason as to why the Master would cancel the meeting. She agrees after Kurosaki reassures her that he will return no matter what.

Kurosaki meets Akira at an arcade, where Akira reveals how he was involved in the fall of Hyperion. Akira managed to steal information from the group while they were distracted by Kurosaki's attempts to find "Jack Frost." When Akira tries to provoke Kurosaki with threats against Teru, Kurosaki doesn't rise to Akira's bait and laughs him off. Instead, he makes it clear that Akira is free to challenge him - Kurosaki is confident he can take him on.

While Kurosaki heads home with ice cream for Teru, she's confident that even if something happens while she's away from Kurosaki, they'll know how to overcome it.


  • Original colour cover in Betsucomi
  • Nothing more relaxing than video games.
  • One more down...
  • Teru training
  • Kurosaki... enthusiastic about training
  • "Hello, Akira."
  • "I will come back."
  • "Nice to meet you, DAISY."
  • "He's coming back."


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