Chapter Four: That Man - Near Yet So Far...
Chapter 4 cover
Chapter 4 cover
Japanese Title その人, 近くて遠い
Romaji Title Sono hito, Chikakute tōi
Volume Volume 1
Chapter 4
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Chapter Three: I'm Still Inexperienced
Chapter Five: Because the Time to Make a Decision is Near

That Man - Near Yet So Far[1](その人, 近くて遠い, Sono hito, Chikakute tōi) is the fourth chapter in Dengeki Daisy. It is published in volume one in the series.


Teru visits the grave of her brother, where she notices a vase of blue daisies and is happy to know that DAISY has come to visit her brother. When she turns around, she runs into an old co-worker of her brother, Masumi Takeda.

At school, she helps Kurosaki clean the pool and relates her visit him. Takeda suddenly appears at the school as the new information technology teacher; recognizing Takeda, Kurosaki insists on showing Takeda around the school. When Takeda remarks that Kurosaki has done badly for himself, becoming a high school janitor, Kurosaki doesn't care. However, he warns Takeda that if he hurts Teru, Kurosaki won't hold back.

Teru helps Takeda out at school, but becomes wary of him when Takeda makes it apparent that he is interested in Teru's cell phone and technology her brother developed before he died. When she returns home, she finds her apartment has been destroyed. She calls DAISY for help.

At the Master's cafe, Kurosaki receives the message from Teru, but is afraid to go to her house in fear of exposing himself as DAISY. Teru is disappointed when DAISY doesn't appear, though Takeda arrives and attempts to convince her DAISY can't be trusted. Teru flees from him and goes to Master's cafe, believing that Kurosaki will be there. Kurosaki takes her back to his apartment for the time being, where Teru wonders why DAISY couldn't help her and why she turned to Kurosaki.

Meanwhile, Kurosaki and the Master compile enough information on Takeda, which Kurosaki uses to threaten Takeda into leaving the school. At the cafe, Kurosaki confesses how guilty he feels for causing the death of Teru's brother.


  • Introducing Takeda
  • Not so perfect armour for Teru.
  • "Hurt Teru and I'll kill you."
  • "Did your brother leave you anything?"
  • "DAISY received that email, not me."
  • Teru can handle this.
  • "I'm really sorry..."
  • The talented Mr. Kurosaki
  • Scary face...
  • A reassuring message.


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