Chapter Fourteen: Secret
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Chapter 14 opening spread
Japanese Title 秘密
Romaji Title Himitsu
Volume Volume 3
Chapter 14
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Chapter Thirteen: When the Truth is Out
Chapter Fifteen: In Order to Become a Cruel Woman

Secret (秘密, Himitsu) is the fourteenth chapter of Dengeki Daisy. It is the last chapter to be contained in volume three of the series.


Teru is happy that DAISY is pleased with the music box she gave him and thinks about how she's satisfied with their current relationship. Meanwhile, Kurosaki has gone out into the storm to buy rice because Teru made curry for him. As Teru waits at Kurosaki's apartment, the high winds blow into Kurosaki's spare room and the music box he left inside is blown off the table.

Teru is shocked to hear the sound of a music box coming from Kurosaki's spare room. Because the room is forbidden to her, Teru tries to rationalize why she should not enter but finds what scares her most is that it will reveal DAISY's identity to her. When she goes in, she finds Kurosaki's workstation and the fallen music box, the exact same one she bought for DAISY. Everything in the room affirms that Kurosaki is DAISY.

Meanwhile, Kurosaki tries to call Teru and becomes suspicious when she fails to answer. She is not in his apartment when he returns, though Teru soon reappears, remarking that she returned to her apartment to close the windows in her room. Kurosaki immediately checks on his spare room, which is ruined though with no apparent evidence that the music box was played when it fell.

Teru attempts to act as though nothing has happened, but Kurosaki notices that she's upset. The storm causes a blackout, which results in Teru dropping a mug and cutting her finger trying to clean it up. Teru admits to being upset and Kurosaki treats her cut and comforts her, remarking that it's probably the weather causing her to feel badly.

When the power comes back on, Teru has fallen asleep on Kurosaki's couch. When he finds he can't wake her up, he turns the lights off and lets her sleep. Unbeknownst to Kurosaki, Teru is awake and thinking about how she wants DAISY to stay by her side always.


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  • "Stay by my side, always."