Chapter Nineteen: What I Can Do for You
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Chapter 19 cover
Japanese Title あなたのためにできること
Romaji Title Anata no Tame ni Dekiru Koto
Volume Volume 4
Chapter 19
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Chapter Eighteen: The Fourth Man
Chapter Twenty: To You, My Beloved

What I Can Do for You[1] (あなたのためにできること, Anata no Tame ni Dekiru Koto) is the nineteenth chapter of Dengeki Daisy. It is the last chapter published in volume four of the series.


As a result of the recent spam email perpetuated by a fake DAISY, Teru is being bullied again because of previous rumours of her connection to DAISY. However, Teru endures it because she does not want anyone to get hurt and asks DAISY not to worry about her. As the school director, Kazumasa Andou, investigates with Kurosaki and Riko, Kurosaki becomes upset that he is the likely target of the attack and that he is endangering Teru.

Meanwhile, Teru tells her friends that she doesn't worry about the bullying because they're there to defend her. However, she's anxious about DAISY, to which Rena tells her it's okay to complain a little to DAISY. Riko finds Kurosaki washing Teru's indoor shoes, which were thrown in the trash by bullies. When he admits that the director was right about him and Teru, an unhappy Kurosaki considers breaking off his relationship with Teru if he cannot protect her. Riko responds that the perfect way to break things off would be for him to tell Teru he likes her. Everyone wants Kurosaki to find happiness, even Soichiro, so Riko tells him to stop running away.

Kurosaki comes to Teru's rescue when she's being bullied again and returns her indoor shoes. Teru thanks him for his kindness. Later, Teru is approached by the third year student who Kurosaki punched, who secretly gives her a note with information on the website sending out the spam emails. Before Teru can respond, the infirmary teacher Mori-sensei tells Teru that Kurosaki wants to meet her in the rear garden during lunch break.

At lunch, Teru's friends notice that Kurosaki isn't meeting Teru at the rear garden. A shocked Kurosaki races to the garden just as Teru picks up a note with an "X" on it from the ground. He arrives in time to push Teru out of the way as a desk falls from the upper storey and hits Kurosaki.


  • Teru doesn't waste anything.
  • It's your attitude that hurts that kid.
  • Thoughtful Andou
  • Advice from Rena
  • A dangerous mark...
  • "I made it in time..."


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