Chapter Seven: I Will Protect Him
Ochibichan scan dengeki daisy vol02 ch07 pg01
Cover page of Chapter 7
Japanese Title 彼は私が守ります
Romaji Title Kare wa Watashi ga Mamori masu
Volume Volume 2
Chapter 7
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I Will Protect Him[1] (彼は私が守ります, Kare wa Watashi ga Mamori masu) is the seventh chapter of Dengeki Daisy. It has been published in volume two of the series.


Riko Onizuka, the new counsellor at Teru's school, is revealed to be an acquaintance of DAISY. Teru is pleased to receive a message from DAISY telling her she can rely on Riko, though Teru is somewhat dismayed that DAISY never replied to her message regarding the person she likes. Kurosaki asks if she thinks it's strange to discuss relationship issues with DAISY if she loves him, but Teru reveals she thinks of DAISY as a brother and she really respects his opinions.

Kurosaki reluctantly replies to Teru's message, telling her that he wanted her to love a better person, but knows it's hard to stop loving someone and he just wants her to be happy. At school, Teru expresses her appreciation towards being able to know Riko, who feels the same way toward Teru. Teru admits to Riko that she trusts DAISY a great deal and saves all the messages he has sent her.

When Teru runs into Rena Ichinose, the Student Council President, Rena reveals that the Student Council's computer has been hacked and the computer club is accusing DAISY of the act. Teru goes to confront them, but overhears that the computer club hacked the computer in order to obtain Teru's cell phone and sell whatever information they can find on DAISY.

Teru meets with the computer club in the Student Council room, but plays dumb when they ask about DAISY. Riko arrives to stop them, but Teru gives them her cell phone anyway. The computer club is stunned to learn that there is nothing on Teru's cell phone; she has erased all the messages she has saved from DAISY to protect him. Kurosaki later notices she's acting tough about the incident and praises her.

In response to the incident, Riko and Kurosaki begin a plan to find out who is targeting Teru and her phone. Meanwhile, Teru's friend Kiyoshi secretly promises to obtain Teru's phone for an unknown person.



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