Chapter Seventy-Four: Let's Go Home Together
Chapter 74 cover
Chapter 74 cover
Japanese Title いっしょに帰ろう
Romaji Title Issho ni Kaerou
Volume Volume 15
Chapter 74
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Chapter Seventy-Three: Our Future
Final Chapter: To Our Future

Let's Go Home Together[1] (いっしょに帰ろう, Issho ni Kaerou) is the seventy-fourth chapter of Dengeki Daisy. It is the last chapter published in volume fifteen and the penultimate chapter of the series.


Though Haruka and Rena are worried for Teru, Kiyoshi has faith that Kurosaki and the others will save her and promises to treat Teru and the girls to ice cream when Teru returns. Meanwhile, Riko and Takeda wait for Kurosaki to call with any news.

On Deserted Island XX, Kurosaki reiterates that it is impossible to stop the explosion that will destroy the island. He orders Masuda to call the helicopter to evacuate while he goes to rescue Teru and Akira. In the lower levels of the island base, Teru forces a raving Akira to listen to her when she says that solving the last door will not give him what he wants and result in their deaths. He angrily strikes her down and refuses to believe her when she tells him that everyone is prepared to accept him. Though Teru realizes that Akira is right when he says she has no right to decide his fate, she refuses to back down in stopping him from opening the last gate and tells Akira that everyone is saving him because Professor Midorikawa had made a heartfelt plea to save Akira. When Akira becomes agitated and tries to attack her again, Teru manages to gain the upper hand and get through to Akira before she faints.

As Akira tries to revive Teru, Kurosaki arrives. After Akira admits that Teru managed to stop him from opening the last gate, Kurosaki reveals that there never was any way to stop the explosion, which will occur in fifteen minutes. Kurosaki tells him that if he wants to live, he should start now and that he, Kurosaki, and Teru will go home together.

On a ship off the island, Chiharu Mori witnesses the island being razed to the ground and reports that the explosion occurred and Akira has been eliminated: Project "M's Testament" has succeeded.



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