Chapter Seventy-One: Good Luck Charm
Chapter 71 cover
Chapter 71 cover
Japanese Title わ守り
Romaji Title Wa Mori
Volume Volume 15
Chapter 71
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Chapter Seventy: Unbreakable Heart
Chapter Seventy-Two: My Hero Will Come!

Good Luck Charm[1] (わ守り, Wa Mori) is the seventy-first chapter of Dengeki Daisy. It is the second chapter published in volume fifteen.


Treacherous ministry agent Kono reveals that Teru was brought to Base G77 on Deserted Island XX in hopes of having Akira and Kurosaki go to the location of "M's Testament" and trigger an explosion that would kill both of them as they competed for "M's Testament." The outraged group ignores Kono's warnings that it will be too late to save Teru and Akira.

On the island, Teru finally recovers from the sedatives and discovers she must be in an uninhabited location. Though she nearly loses hope, she recalls Soichiro's advice that happy memories are good luck charms against despair. During her exploration of the building, she runs into Akira, who has arrived to find "M's Testament." After arguing, Akira pushes Teru aside and begins decoding a computer terminal to unlock an elevator to another level and gloats to Teru that she can tell DAISY that Akira has won. Despite Teru's warning that "M's Testament" is actually a trap, Akira dismisses her with his belief that nobody cares if he dies and he has no happy memories. When she brings up his time with Professor Midorikawa, Akira remarks that all he has is a promise he shared with Midorikawa and will have nothing if that promise turns out to be a lie. Teru is unable to stop from Akira descending in the elevator car.

With their preparations complete, everyone sees off Kurosaki and Masuda, who are heading via helicopter to Deserted Island XX to save Teru and Akira.


  • Original colour cover from Betsucomi


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