Chapter Seventy-Three: Our Future
Chapter 73 cover
Chapter 73 cover
Japanese Title わたしたちの未来を
Romaji Title Watashi-tachi no Mirai o
Volume Volume 15
Chapter 73
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Chapter Seventy-Two: My Hero Will Come!
Chapter Seventy-Four: Let's Go Home Together

Our Future[1] (わたしたちの未来を, Watashi-tachi no Mirai o) is the seventy-third chapter of Dengeki Daisy. It is the fourth chapter published in volume fifteen.


With possibly one hour before Akira triggers an explosion linked to solving "M's Testament," Teru insists that she is the only one who can stop Akira as Kurosaki tries to crack the code that will cause the explosion while Masuda is still recovering from the drug injected into him by Chiharu Mori. Though reluctant, the men agree that Teru is right and Teru and Kurosaki share a kiss before she goes after Akira.

Meanwhile, Akira is struggling to decode all the locks in "M's Testament," additionally hindered by the lack of painkillers to suppress severe headaches. He begins to recall mistreatment from the people trying to use his calculation abilities, Antler revealing the existence of "M's Testament", and Chiharu bringing him to Deserted Island XX. Though Akira seriously considers his promise with Professor Midorikawa was a lie and Teru's warning that "M's Testament" is a trap to kill him is true, he decides he would rather deal with the despair than be led on by false hope.

Kurosaki uses the Jack Frost code to alter the system so that Teru can descend the building faster to catch up to Akira. On the memory card that Teru found, Kurosaki and Masuda find a diary that reveals that the code for "M's Testament" was modified and cannot be stopped once initiated. Akira arrives at the last lock, preparing to open it, when Teru finally arrives and confronts him.



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