Chapter Seventy-Two: My Hero Will Come!
Chapter 72 cover
Chapter 72 cover
Japanese Title MY HERO WILL COME!
Romaji Title Mai Hiiroo Uiru Kamu
Volume Volume 15
Chapter 72
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Chapter Seventy-One: Good Luck Charm
Chapter Seventy-Three: Our Future

My Hero Will Come! is the seventy-second chapter of Dengeki Daisy. It is the third chapter published in volume fifteen.


Though Teru despairs that she couldn't stop Akira from accessing "M's Testament", she wills herself to explore the building in hopes of finding something that will help Kurosaki and the others when they come to save them. She manages to find a memory card hidden behind a bloodstained photograph. Meanwhile, Ministry Agent Shibayama has dropped off Kurosaki and Masuda on Deserted Island XX, intending to return after refueling while the men find Teru and Akira. When Kurosaki presses ahead to the building where Teru is, Masuda is attacked by Chiharu Mori.

Meanwhile, Teru attempts find a way to read the memory card and notes the computer terminal used by Akira has a countdown of some sort. Kurosaki breaks into the building, where he and Teru reunited. As Teru tries to update Kurosaki on what has happened on the island, Chiharu begins firing on them, though she is subdued by Masuda. However, she maintains the upper hand when she reveals that Masuda has been poisoned via the knife wound she delivered and she holds the only antidote, and they do not have the code to stop the explosion has been set to go off automatically after three hours or once Akira has opened all the locks of "M's Testament" to destroy everything on the island. While she reveals it is her group's way of taking responsibility for finding and raising Akira and to prevent his gifts from being used for destructive purposes, she leaves the antidote for Masuda before escaping.

Though Teru's memory card appears to have the information Kurosaki needs to decrypt the computer terminal, Masuda argues they do not have enough time for analyze the computer data and go after Akira. To Kurosaki and Masuda's shock, Teru volunteers to go after Akira to give Kurosaki time to decode the terminal's data.