Chapter Seventy: Unbreakable Heart
Chapter 70 cover
Chapter 70 cover
Japanese Title 新れない心で
Romaji Title Shin renai kokoro de
Volume Volume 15
Chapter 70
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Chapter Seventy-One: Good Luck Charm

Unbreakable Heart[1] (新れない心で, Shin renai kokoro de) is the seventieth chapter of Dengeki Daisy. It is the first chapter published in volume fifteen.


Everyone is frantic upon learning that Teru has been abducted. When Kiyoshi mentions seeing Ministry agent Kouno taking Teru away to Andou, his suspicions about Kouno appear to be thrown off when Ministry agent Nishida informs everyone that he has found an injured Kouno, who claims that Teru was taken from him after they were attacked. With the news from Nishida, Andou interrogates Kiyoshi about what he observed when Teru was taken away by Kouno.

Meanwhile, Teru awakens, still immobilized by drugs, in an unknown location where she overhears Antler warning a disgruntled Kouno not to give away his status as a spy or he will be killed. At the hospital, Kouno apologizes for letting Teru get kidnapped as Riko blames him for the incident and for feeding the group unverified information about finding Akira. When Kouno assures Kurosaki that the focus will be on finding Teru instead of M's Testament, Andou interrupts and asks Kouno what he said to convince Teru to go with him. A flustered Kouno becomes wary when Andou remarks that Kiyoshi overheard Kouno's conversation with Teru and chastises Kurosaki for losing his determination to find Teru before casually adding he has a way of finding Teru and learning the identity of her kidnapper.

As Kouno is left alone in his hospital room, he decides he needs to eliminate Kiyoshi and calls him to his room. As Kiyoshi reveals how his testimony contradicts what Kouno claims to have said to Teru, Kouno threatens that Teru will be killed if Kiyoshi fails to give up the recording he has of the incident proving Kouno lied. Unexpectedly, Andou, the other members of the team, and the other Ministry agents appear, all having heard Kouno reveal the truth. Exposed as a traitor, Kouno fearfully reveals that Teru has been taken to base G77 on Deserted Island XX - the location of the key to M's Testament.



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