Chapter Six: Miss, There's Been an Incident
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Cover page of Chapter 6
Japanese Title 姐さん, 事件です
Romaji Title Nee-san, Jiken desu
Volume Volume 2
Chapter 6
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Chapter Seven: He Will Protect Me

Miss, There's Been an Incident[1] (姐さん, 事件です, Nee-san, Jiken desu) is the sixth chapter of Dengeki Daisy. It is the second chapter of volume two.


Teru is studying hard to get first place for her upcoming exams at school. When Kurosaki hears about how she consistently gets first place, he makes fun of her. An indignant Teru demands that he buy her a reward if she comes in first again and he agrees, though Teru dislikes that he seems to be humouring her and thinks she's childish.

During Teru's exams, Kurosaki is unexpectedly punched by a woman named Riko, who has learned about how Teru now lives with Kurosaki from the Master. She reminds him that he is supposed to watch over Teru and that their current relationship could reveal Kurosaki's identity as DAISY. She offers him a job at a local engineering company so he can watch over Teru from afar while Riko keeps an eye on Teru in his place.

When Teru gets a nosebleed during her exams, the school nurse Ms. Mori mentions that Kurosaki and the new school counsellor have been hanging out. Everyone thinks the counsellor is Kurosaki's girlfriend and Teru notices Kurosaki is feeling down when he returns home. While she thinks he must be having trouble with his girlfriend, Kurosaki's thoughts are actually still on his conversation with Riko.

At school, Teru meets the new counsellor, Riko Onizuka, who surprises Teru by laughing when she asks if Riko is Kurosaki's girlfriend. Riko reveals that she and Kurosaki are old friends and, after noticing Teru seems to like him, warns Teru to stay away from Kurosaki because he is cruel and secretive about himself.

Kurosaki sees that Teru has obtained first place, but when she goes to demand her reward, he turns her down in order to prepare for his interview with the engineering company. When Riko finds him, Kurosaki has changed his mind after reading a message from Teru to DAISY, where she reveals that she doesn't care if Kurosaki is the wrong person to like and that she is pretty devious herself.

At Kurosaki's apartment, they watch the movie that Teru has requested as a reward. When she falls asleep during the movie, Kurosaki reluctantly admits that Teru is pretty devious after all.


  • Colour version of cover
  • Agreeing to a reward
  • Teru is a little too focused...
  • BOOM!
  • Introducing Riko Onizuka
  • "You're looking funny, Kurosaki..."
  • Complete off there, Teru-chan...
  • The utterly charming Riko-san...
  • ...who is completely different when she laughs.
  • "He's a bad guy."
  • Rejected and confused
  • Riko annoyed...
  • ... then very surprised.
  • Everything is all right as long as Teru smiles.


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