Chapter Sixteen: Which is it you feel?
Chapter 16 cover
Chapter 16 cover
Japanese Title その気持ちはどっち
Romaji Title Sono Kimochi wa Docchi
Volume Volume 4
Chapter 16
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Chapter Fifteen: In Order to Become a Cruel Woman
Chapter Seventeen: The Name of That Flower

Which is it You Feel?[1] (その気持ちはどっち, Sono Kimochi wa Docchi) is the sixteenth chapter of Dengeki Daisy. It is collected in volume four of the series.


In the morning, Teru thinks about how she secretly knows Kurosaki and DAISY are the same person. At school, she tells Haruka how her feelings for Kurosaki seem unreciprocated while Haruka people tend to notice if someone looks at them in a particular way.

Meanwhile, because it is raining, Kurosaki has to unclog the drains on the roof. Teru goes to help him, but he gently tells her to go back and leave the job for him. She's cheered by his reaction. However, rumours circulate the next day that Kurosaki is interested in Mori-sensei, the infirmary teacher, when he goes to visit her for some medicine. An irritated Teru decides to take up her friend Mei's offer to attend a goukon group date. At Haruka's suggestion, Teru asks for Kurosaki's permission to gauge his reaction. Kiyoshi notices how Teru is disappointed when Kurosaki tells her it's a good idea, but Kurosaki collaspes right after she leaves.

While Teru meets her friends for the goukon date, Riko is taking care of Kurosaki, who has fallen ill with a fever. Riko sees that he's sulking, but Kurosaki refuses to allow his illness come between Teru and the goukon. However, Teru receives a message from Riko that Kurosaki is sick and needs medicine. She decides to leave early to take care of him.

The feverish Kurosaki responds kindly to Teru's care, which embarrasses her. Things become awkward when he notices the necklace is wearing and has her take it off. Though his expression throws Teru off, he insults her as usual and Teru angrily leaves him alone. As Kurosaki regrets how he nearly gave himself away, Teru thinks about what Haruka said about noticing when someone looks at another in a particular way.


  • Original coloured cover
  • Morning email to DAISY
  • Not work for Teru
  • Mori-sensei with medicine
  • Mei
  • "Go for it - it'll be a good experience."
  • Teru on the goukon date
  • Noticing Teru's necklace...


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