Chapter Sixty-Eight: The Decision To Be Happy
Chapter 68 cover
Chapter 68 cover
Japanese Title 幸せの決意
Romaji Title Shiawase no Ketsui
Volume Volume 14
Chapter 68
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Chapter Sixty-Seven: Because Time is Precious
Chapter Sixty-Nine: Time to Move

The Decision To Be Happy[1] (幸せの決意, Shiawase no ketsui) is the sixty-eighth chapter of Dengeki Daisy. It is the fourth chapter published in volume fourteen.


Teru finds that Kurosaki is fast asleep from working, though he manages to wake up briefly to ask to spend the next day with her, since it will be her birthday. Andou and Masuda comment about Kurosaki's determination to be able to be with Teru on her birthday motivated him to decrypt the data regarding M's Testament while Kurosaki tells Riko that he intends to tell Teru his actual feelings for her. Riko cautions him to act wisely, but tells him to do his best.

The next day, Teru is anxious at her first date with Kurosaki. Though she is very happy going shopping with him and eating at a nice restaurant, she remains worried that something will go wrong until Kurosaki reassures her that nothing will. As they drive to their next destination, Kurosaki thanks Teru for the text she sent him to encourage him to finish his work and she expresses her faith that he'll be able to save Akira because Kurosaki is DAISY.

Teru is surprised when they arrive at the same ferris wheel where their previous visit had gone awry, though Kurosaki promises things will go well this time. Alone in the ferris wheel car, Kurosaki gives her a bracelet as a birthday present, which makes her nervous and happy at the same time. As Kurosaki kisses her for the first time, he tells her that he loves her.



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