Chapter Sixty-Five: Professor Midorikawa's Will
Chapter 65 cover
Chapter 65 cover
Japanese Title 緑川教授の遺言
Romaji Title Midorikawa-kyōju no Yuigon
Volume Volume 14
Chapter 65
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Chapter Sixty-Four: A Message from Soichiro (Part 2)
Chapter Sixty-Six: What Was Entrusted

Professor Midorikawa's Will[1] (緑川教授の遺言, Midorikawa-kyōju no Yuigon) is the sixty-fifth chapter of Dengeki Daisy. It is the first chapter published in volume fourteen.


Chiharu Mori finds Akira, who declares that he's outwitted both DAISY and Antler by deciphering the key to "M's Testament" and asks Chiharu to join him to find "M's Testament." She agrees and injects him with medicine.

At Masuda's cafe, the team begins watching a video left behind by Soichiro Kurebayashi regarding "M's Testament." After witnessing a scene between Hideo Midorikawa and Takahiro Kurosaki with a young Akira right before Akira's ninth birthday, Professor Midorikawa reveals that Akira is missing and goes into the boy's background. Known originally as the "Mad Machine" ("M-M"), Akira was regarded as a non-existent entity in a secret project to measure his unusual calculating abilities. However, he was violently uncontrollable until Midorikawa, realizing that the researchers' treatment of Akira as a test subject was detrimental and inhumane, personally took it upon himself to spend time with Akira. As Midorikawa and Akira's relationship grew, Akira became more cooperative and environment around him improved.

Midorikawa had hoped to adopt Akira after the project was over, but after a business trip, he discovered that the research team had been coerced into closing their project. Akira had become the target of several dangerous organizations and had been taken away and died in an accident. Refusing to believe that Akira was dead, Midorikawa continued to look for Akira; Takahiro Kurosaki eventually found evidence that Akira was alive, despite the risk involved with searching for Akira. Soon afterward, Takahiro was killed and Antler approached Midorikawa with "M's Testament" - a project that would involve using Akira - in exchange for claiming that Takahiro was a spy in order to discredit Takahiro against the politician pushing for the development of the computer code "Jack."

Interrupting the video, Riko is surprised that "M's Testament" is not the will of Professor Midorikawa. Midorikawa reveals in his video what "M's Testament" truly is: with Akira being used as a weapon by criminal groups and regarded as a dangerous broken machine, "M's Testament" is a trap to lure out Akira and kill him.



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