Chapter Sixty-Four: A Message from Soichiro (Part 2)
Chapter 64 cover
Chapter 64 cover
Japanese Title お兄ちゃんからのメッセージ2
Romaji Title Onīchan kara no Messēji 2
Volume Volume 13
Chapter 64
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Chapter Sixty-Three: A Message from Soichiro (Part 1)
Chapter Sixty-Five: Professor Midorikawa's Will

A Message from Soichiro (Part 2)[1] (お兄ちゃんからのメッセージ2, Onīchan kara no Messēji 2) is the sixty-fourth chapter of Dengeki Daisy. It is the last chapter published in volume thirteen.


In the biology reference room that Andou once allowed Soichiro to use as a spare office, the adults struggle to decode the message from Teru's cell phone. Meanwhile, Teru pushes the ear holes on an anatomical model, remarking that the "33" mentioned in the message reminds her of ears - a private joke between her and her brother. It activates a projector and recording by Soichiro with kind words that correctly ascertains that Teru is there with Riko, Andou, Masuda, and DAISY. The recording warns them at what they must be prepared to take on the burden they will find before allowing them to continue.

The recording's directions allow them to open a hidden door leading to a series of stairs and promises to test their resolve before they find the answer. As the group moves into the passage, Andou suddenly drops through a trap door and triggers a video screen with Soichiro's image mocking them and revealing that Andou is being held hostage in a infrared sauna dome. A jealous Riko and Teru race onward with Kurosaki, only to enter a room where another recording directs that Riko must stay behind for another challenge. Teru and Kurosaki move ahead, while the recording continues with a special message for Riko, along with a gift concealed in a bouquet of preserved flowers, which touches her deeply.

Teru expresses concern that the answer Soichiro left may have already been taken, especially since the puzzles have been easily solved and her cell phone has been taken before. When she and Kurosaki reach a dead end, she falls through a wall, leaving Kurosaki alone with another recording of Soichiro presenting DAISY with a quiz with highly specific questions about Teru. As an angrily enthusiastic Kurosaki answers the questions, Teru overhears them in a hidden room where a recording of Soichiro tells her how proud he is of her. When Kurosaki reaches his final question, which asks if Teru is aware of his identity and his sin, Kurosaki realizes he can answer any way he wishes as Soichiro cannot respond. He chooses to thank Soichiro for having faith in him and assures him that he will not forget what Soichiro taught him, which the recording responds by congratulating him.

As Andou and Riko catch up to them, Teru emerges from the hidden room and the recording thanks them and directs them to the answer he promised them: Professor Midorikawa's hard disc drive with the data of crucial information deciphered.



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