Chapter Sixty-Nine: Time to Move
Chapter 69 cover
Chapter 69 cover
Japanese Title 胎動
Romaji Title Taidou
Volume Volume 14
Chapter 69
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Chapter Sixty-Eight: The Decision To Be Happy
Chapter Seventy: Unbreakable Heart

Time to Move[1] (胎動, Taidou) is the sixty-ninth chapter of Dengeki Daisy. It is the final chapter published in volume fourteen.


Kurosaki has returned as the janitor at Teru's high school, with Kiyoshi, Rena, and Haruka now volunteering as Kurosaki's group of "work slaves." The girls notice right away that Teru and Kurosaki's relationship has moved to the next step. After Teru's friends take her to a cafe to get more details about her date with Kurosaki, they offer their congratulations, support, and some advice.

When Teru returns home, Kurosaki assures her that he won't do anything in public that will harm her reputation but they can be open with their feelings at home. Their conversation moves to more serious topic regarding "M's Testament", during which Kurosaki reveals that he and Masuda will be heading to the island where the key to "M's Testament"'s is kept while coordinating with members from the Ministry of Internal Affairs: Nishida, Shibayama, and Kouno. Aware of Teru's anxiety, Kurosaki asks for a kiss before he goes; she agrees only if he promises to give her one when he returns.

At Masuda's cafe, Riko and Andou contemplate Kurosaki and Teru's relationship, as well as their relationship to Akira. When they begin talking about the Ministry's agents, they discuss how the agency still believes "M's Testament" is an object of some sort and Riko wonders if she being too cautious with how they've encountered so little resistance from the agency so far.

During Kurosaki and Masuda's meeting with Shibayama, they are stunned to find him locking them up to prevent them from contacting other members of their team supposedly because the agency has received information that there is a double-agent in their midst hiding information on Akira. Meanwhile, Kouno picks up Teru, who claims that Kurosaki sent him, much to Andou's surprise when he hears the news from Kiyoshi. An unsuspecting Teru is drugged and knocked out. As Masuda tries to convince Shibayama to let them out, Kurosaki receives a message that Teru has been kidnapped.



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