Chapter Sixty-One: Attack
Chapter 61 cover
Chapter 61 cover
Japanese Title 襲撃
Romaji Title Shūgeki
Volume Volume 13
Chapter 61
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Chapter Sixty: I Depend on You
Chapter Sixty-Two: Feelings and Pain

Attack[1] (襲撃, Shūgeki) is the sixty-first chapter of Dengeki Daisy. It is the second chapter published in volume thirteen.


A frantic Chiharu Mori tells Kurosaki that the missing Akira knows that Kurosaki's group has the key to "M's Testament" and will attack the weakest link to obtain it. As Teru reaches Masumi Takeda's apartment to return his dog Kaoruko, she is unaware that she is being followed. Realizing the extent of Akira's abilities, Kurosaki races to Takeda's apartment after Chiharu reveals that Antler has manipulated Akira into seeking M's Testament no matter the cost.

When she notes that Takeda is running a program on his computer, he reveals to Teru that he is scanning the data for malicious codes in the SD card containing the key to M's Testament before he uses a supercomputer to decrypt it. Kaoruko suddenly becomes agitated and the lights in the apartment turn off as Takeda is attacked. As Teru worries about Takeda's safety, Akira approaches Teru from behind. She fends off the attack using a special antenna on her cell phone and demands to know why Akira wants "M's Testament."

Their confrontation is defused when Takeda recovers and Akira collapses from exertion. He desperately tells to Teru that after being experimented on and abandoned, only his grandfather showed him any kindness and he believes that he deserves "M's Testament" as part of Hideo Midorikawa's legacy because Teru and Kurosaki have found happiness. Their conversation is interrupted by Takeda, who reveals that Midorikawa had no grandchildren and that the data on the computer was not damaged in Akira's attack.

When Akira sees the data on the computer, he suddenly asserts that he has won and escapes from the apartment using tear gas as a distraction. When Kurosaki and Masuda arrive, Teru tells them about Akira's abrupt declaration of his victory. Reluctantly, Kurosaki reveals Akira's true ability: with a single glance, Akira was able to decipher the encrypted data on Takeda's computer.



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