Chapter Sixty-Seven: Because Time is Precious
Chapter 67 cover
Chapter 67 cover
Japanese Title だいじ時だから
Romaji Title Daiji Tokidakara
Volume Volume 14
Chapter 67
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Chapter Sixty-Six: What Was Entrusted
Chapter Sixty-Eight: The Decision To Be Happy

Because Time is Precious[1] (だいじ時だから, Daiji Tokidakara) is the sixty-seventh chapter of Dengeki Daisy. It is the third chapter published in volume fourteen.


Though Teru and Kurosaki chat lightheartedly in a nearby park, Teru knows they are going to be talking about important things related to Akira, including Professor Midorikawa's will, and her recent encounter with Antler. Teru admits that Antler's assessment of her negative feelings regarding the team's wish to save Akira are not entirely false, but also that she became aware that his words were intended to be provocative and that she was losing perspective trying to deny them. She adds that while she hates Akira for hurting her so many times in the past, she feels conflicted when she thinks of Professor Midorikawa or recalls Akira's crying face. When she wonders if Kurosaki is disappointed in her, he tells her he is not but he believes that he needs to help Akira.

At the cafe, Riko and the others are looking through the data that Takeda has partially decrypted for them when they learn from a moping Kurosaki about Teru's encounter with Antler and that Kurosaki and Teru disagree with saving Akira. Riko comments that Teru's concerns are valid, but they all concur with the decision to ultimately save Akira. In the data, they find an image of a deserted island, where they suspect the location of M's Testament is located. Takeda asks for Kurosaki to help him decode the rest of data.

At school, Teru mopes as she discusses her disagreement with Kurosaki with her friends until she decides to talk to Kurosaki directly. When she arrives at the janitor's office, she finds Kurosaki must leave right away to work with Takeda, though he promises to talk when he returns. Though she takes the situation calmly, she is unhappy to learn from Andou that Kurosaki will actually be very busy for a few days. When she finally sees Kurosaki, he assures her that she is important to her and asks her to wait for him before he leaves again with Takeda. While he laments the situation, Kurosaki finds that Teru has sent him a heartfelt text message hoping that he'll return before her birthday in a few days.



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