Chapter Sixty-Six: What Was Entrusted
Chapter 66 cover
Chapter 66 cover
Japanese Title 託されもの
Romaji Title Takusa re mono
Volume Volume 14
Chapter 66
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Chapter Sixty-Five: Professor Midorikawa's Will
Chapter Sixty-Seven: Because Time is Precious

What Was Entrusted[1] (託されもの, Takusa re mono) is the sixty-sixth chapter of Dengeki Daisy. It is the second chapter published in volume fourteen.


In Hideo Midorikawa's video, after revealing the truth behind "M's Testament", the professor pleads for the viewer to stop the plan and tell Akira that he has never stopped looking for him. When Teru is assigned to cooking duties, Kurosaki asks if she's discontent that they have removed her from the discussion regarding Akira. Though she understands why, Teru realizes that she feels uneasy as she is going out to get more ingredients to make dinner.

As Teru is walking down the street, Antler suddenly appears before her while stating Teru's exact thoughts at the moment. Despite his attempt to unsettle her, Teru abruptly calms down and bluntly asks what Antler wants, much to his surprise. As he continues to point out of number of thoughts Teru had considered, she interrupts him to ask if he is trying to provoke her, warn her about "M's Testament," manipulate her, or if he simply wants to see the final outcome. Teru thanks him for helping her realize her dark thoughts regarding Akira and tells him to leave. Impressed with her fortitude, Antler compares her to her brother. When Teru hears Riko calling her name, she is distracted long enough for Antler to leave unnoticed.

When Teru and Riko return to the cafe, Soichiro continues his testimony in the video, where he reveals that Midorikawa knew how they could trap Akira but did not have the methods to do so. With the professor's death, Soichiro decrypted the professor's hard drive so that the government official Noguchi could release the information to the public but Noguchi had been killed before he could. In order to lure Akira in the open, a rumour that "M's Testament" was Professor Midorikawa's last testament was released and Soichiro became a target, though he managed to escape from the agents trying to kill him. Soichiro concludes the message for them to follow their hearts and that he trusts and supports whatever decision they make.

With what they have learned, Riko directs the group to make a decision, though Kurosaki wants to defer until he has Teru's opinion. When he returns to his apartment, he finds an anxious Teru, who admits she encountered Antler. Though he did nothing to her, she has been feeling out of sorts and thinks that she's been worrying over trivial things. Kurosaki assures her that he feelings are valid and they agree to discuss matters regarding "M's Testament" with each other from now on.



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