Chapter Sixty-Three: A Message from Soichiro (Part 1)
Chapter 63 cover
Chapter 63 cover
Japanese Title お兄ちゃんからのメッセージ1
Romaji Title Onīchan kara no Messēji 1
Volume Volume 13
Chapter 63
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Chapter Sixty-Two: Feelings and Pain
Chapter Sixty-Four: A Message from Soichiro (Part 2)

A Message from Soichiro (Part 1)[1] (お兄ちゃんからのメッセージ1, Onīchan kara no Messēji 1) is the sixty-third chapter of Dengeki Daisy. It is the fourth chapter published in volume thirteen.


In the morning, Teru catches Kurosaki watching over her now that she's recovered from her fever from the previous night. They share their thoughts on Akira, but the tender moment between them is interrupted by a phone call from Riko telling them to meet at Masuda's cafe.

At their meeting, Riko informs the group they are going to focus their efforts on gathering more data and information, including on Akira, instead of trying to find "M's Testament" as she believes that Antler is manipulating their way of thinking based on their last encounter with him. Because of Antler's attempts to force them into looking for "M's Testament", Teru brings up that there is something else he doesn't want them to find. She suggests that they look at her cell phone again, as it has been the target of several people before, though inspections have yielded nothing. When her phone unexpected drops on the ground and the case pops off, Teru and Kurosaki notice Teru's school contact information inscribed on the case, which Masuda and Andou remark that they dismissed it previously. To their surprise, Teru reveals she did not put the information there and the information is incorrect.

Recognizing the handwriting as Soichiro and that he must have written it while Teru was still in middle school, the group realizes that Soichiro has left them an encoded message to find something at the high school. They immediately head off to the school to the unoccupied office that Andou once allowed Soichiro to use in hopes of finding an answer.



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