Chapter Sixty-Two: Feelings and Pain
Chapter 62 cover
Chapter 62 cover
Japanese Title 想いと痛みと
Romaji Title Omoi to Itami to
Volume Volume 13
Chapter 62
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Chapter Sixty-One: Attack
Chapter Sixty-Three: A Message from Soichiro (Part 1)

Feelings and Pain[1] (想いと痛みと, Omoi to Itami to) is the sixty-second chapter of Dengeki Daisy. It is the third chapter published in volume thirteen.


Kurosaki notices that Teru distracted, though she does not say it is because she feels conflicted over Akira, during a meeting with Riko and Andou with colleagues of Masuda from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications regarding "M's Testament." Kurosaki brings up his observation that Akira has the ability to decipher complex computer codes through sight alone, which incites argument between the ministry official Shibayama and everyone else. As everyone tries to figure out what direction to move with their investigation, Teru suggests looking into Akira's background because she believes that Akira may be motivated by a personal connection to Professor Midorikawa. The officials dismiss the idea and Shibayama becomes suspicious that Kurosaki and Akira are working together when Kurosaki expresses support for Teru's suggestion. Riko manages to calm everyone down and the meeting is dismissed for the day.

Back home, Riko has noticed that Teru has a fever and tells her to rest. When Teru apologizes for not being able to stop thinking about Akira, Riko tells her that everyone is tense because everyone, including the ministry officials, have lost something as a result of M's Testament. Teru admits that despite her hatred of Akira, she's upset by the thought that she wants to help him. While Teru is sleeping, Riko talks to Kurosaki about Akira. He confesses that he feels sympathetic towards Akira, who reminds Kurosaki of how he used to be except that Kurosaki has found people to support him while Akira did not. Kurosaki goes on to admit that he's afraid his and Teru's reluctance to find M's Testament may divide the group, though Riko thanks him for his honesty.

The next morning, Riko goes to pray at Soichiro's grave and meets up with Andou and Masuda. She decides that they should listen to Antler's last call again and believes that more details regarding M's Testament has been left for them somewhere.


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