Chapter Sixty: I Depend on You
Chapter 60 cover
Chapter 60 cover
Japanese Title 頼りにしてる
Romaji Title Tayori ni shi teru
Volume Volume 13
Chapter 60
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Chapter Sixty-One: Attack

I Depend on You[1] (頼りにしてる, Tayori ni shi teru) is the sixtieth chapter of Dengeki Daisy. It is the first chapter published in volume thirteen.


At school, Teru notices that Kurosaki is deep in thought and she recalls the previous night, when everyone decided to look for "M's Testament." Though apprehensive, Teru had kept her thoughts to herself. When the group meets again that night at Kurosaki's apartment, they are joined by Takeda, whose continuing employment at Kenbashi Electronics gives him access to the supercomputer the group needs to decode the SD card with information on M's Testament. As a gesture of good will, Takeda gives them proof that with incriminate him of criminal activities; Kurosaki decides that they can trust Takeda not to betray them.

When Kurosaki wakes up after drinking too much alcohol, he finds that everyone has gone home except Teru and Takeda's dog, Kaoruko. Teru admits that she's afraid of how looking for M's Testament will affect their relationship. Kurosaki reassures her that he feels uneasy as well and asks that they be honest with their feelings because he depends on her, but falls asleep before he can say anything else because he is still drunk.

In the morning, Kurosaki wakes up again and learns that Teru has gone to see Takeda so she can return Kaoruko. He suddenly receives a phone call from a frantic Chiharu Mori, who reveals that Akira has escaped and will go after Teru in order to obtain the key to M's Testament.


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