Chapter Ten: You Won't Be Here
Ochibichan scan dengeki daisy vol03 ch10 pg03
Cover page of Chapter 10
Japanese Title 君がいなくなる
Romaji Title Kimi ga inaku naru
Volume Volume 3
Chapter 10
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You Won't Be Here[1] (君がいなくなる, Kimi ga inaku naru) is the tenth chapter of Dengeki Daisy and the first chapter of volume three.


Teru is going to move out of Kurosaki's apartment to live with Riko. When she tries to think of a farewell gift with her friends, she considers her relationship with Kurosaki and wonders if she is just an irritation to him or something more. Meanwhile, Riko asks Kurosaki to think about what sort of relationship he wants with Teru now that she's moving away. Riko tells him that she and Teru will be moving to a place that he won't be able drive a few minutes to reach, implying that he and Teru won't be as close anymore.

At Kurosaki's apartment, Teru makes preparations for a farewell dinner, but winds up arguing with Kurosaki over shopping for dinner before she leaves to pack her stuff from her old apartment. After they finish packing, Teru and Riko have a heart-to-heart chat about how Teru feels about Kurosaki; Riko tells Teru that things will likely work themselves out between her and Kurosaki.

When she returns to Kurosaki's place, Teru finds that Kurosaki has already made dinner and he winds up acting surprisingly nice towards her. His kind comments and jokes end up upsetting her and Kurosaki apologizes, reassuring Teru that he'll still expect her to work for him at school and that she can come visit him after she moves away.

The next morning, Teru bids good-bye to Kurosaki, who is left by himself at his apartment. However, moments later, Teru bursts back into the apartment to borrow a number of cleaning items. A dumbfounded Kurosaki sees that Riko and Teru are moving in next door.



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