Chapter Thirteen: The Moment of Truth
Chapter 13 cover
Cover page of chapter 13
Japanese Title 真実を知る時
Romaji Title Shinjitsu wo Shiru Toki
Volume Volume 3
Chapter 13
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The Moment of Truth[1] (真実を知る時, Shinjitsu wo Shiru Toki) is the thirteenth chapter of Dengeki Daisy. It is collected in volume three of the series.


Teru goes on a shopping trip with Kurosaki so she can buy a new swimsuit for a study camp she is attending with her friends at the beach. In the car, Teru finds a song she likes, which Kurosaki remarks is "Time after Time" by Cyndi Lauper. As they discuss Teru's trip, she invites him to come as a chaperone, which Kurosaki steadfastly refuses.

Instead, Teru invites Riko, who proceeds to call Kurosaki to report on what is happening to mock Kurosaki, who is hanging out at the Master's cafe. When Kurosaki remarks it is better to stay distant from Teru so her relationship with DAISY won't change, the Master becomes annoyed and warns Kurosaki to think about how he will deal with Teru learning he is DAISY because that moment will come unexpectedly. Kurosaki confesses that he has decided to be honest with her, but is afraid of Teru's reaction, while the Master tells him to place more trust in Teru.

At a souvenir shop, Teru buys a music box that plays "Time after Time" and asks Riko to give it to DAISY. Riko apologizes for keeping DAISY's identity from her and asks her to be patient. In response, Teru asks Riko to take a picture of her, which Teru promptly sends to DAISY, who is cheered up by her photo. That night, Teru and her friends discuss relationships and the topic turns to Kurosaki. They have Teru send the same photo of herself to Kurosaki, who gives an insulting response that she reciprocates.

Riko returns ahead of Teru and gives Kurosaki the music box intended for DAISY. When news of a typhoon comes up, Teru and her friends consider returning early. Teru calls Kurosaki for the first time, in order to ask if he thinks she should return. Kurosaki tells her the decision is up to her, but indirectly persuades her to return by demanding that she make curry for him.

As Kurosaki leaves the music box in his other room, Teru arrives with curry. After she convinces him to go out and buy rice, Teru waits in his apartment. Meanwhile, the storm begins to blow into the open window in Kurosaki's room, causing the music box to fall...


  • Riko, reporting on location.
  • A great picture for DAISY...
  • ...and a not-so-great picture for Kurosaki.
  • Calling Kurosaki.
  • After two days without her...
  • As promised, curry!
  • The music box for DAISY


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