Chapter Thirty-Nine: The Day "Daisy" was Born
Chapter 39 cover
Chapter 39 cover
Japanese Title 「DAISY」生まれのた日
Romaji Title Deiji Umare no ta Hi
Volume Volume 8
Chapter 39
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Chapter Thirty-Eight: The Start of the "Sin"
Chapter Forty: Reunion

The Day "Daisy" was Born (「DAISY」生まれのた日, Deiji Umare no ta Hi) is the thirty-ninth chapter of Dengeki Daisy. It is published as the last chapter in volume eight of the series.


After Soichiro and Midorikawa's computers were infected with "Jack Frost" and the professor was killed, Soichiro learned that Kurosaki had disappeared. As his computer was taken for damage assessment, Soichiro questioned Takeda, who had been the secretary who called Kurosaki away; Takeda claimed to know nothing about the incident. Soichiro encouraged everyone to keep working so that they could protect Kurosaki.

Meanwhile, Kurosaki had been at a train platform, remembering how a mysterious man had told him that Kurosaki shouldn't dream of attending university until he had fully absolved his sin of creating "Jack Frost." The man tricked Kurosaki into replicating the entire virus and then told Kurosaki to find Professor Midorikawa to learn the truth. By the time Kurosaki arrived, the professor was dead. Just as Kurosaki was about let himself fall onto the tracks of an oncoming train, Soichiro arrived and stopped him. In the present, Riko tells Teru that Professor Midorikawa had been killed by a lethal injection so it looked like a suicide. The culprit had paralyzed Kurosaki's ability to reason by using his guilt. Riko reminds Teru about how Teru had almost fallen into the same situation when she felt guilty about Chiharu Mori's injuries.

After Soichiro had taken Kurosaki back to his house, he assured Kurosaki that he was not responsible for the professor's death. Whoever manipulated Kurosaki had used the virus to destroy the professor's data and also arranged for Midorikawa's death, knowing the professor would have persisted in trying to defeat "Jack Frost." After a near encounter with Teru, Soichiro gave Kurosaki the letter entrusted to him by Midorikawa. In the letter, the professor iterated that Kurosaki's father had been a honourable person and felt that he should die with the regret of never telling Kurosaki the truth behind why he betrayed Takahiro. His last request is for Kurosaki to be happy.

Midorikawa's letter convinced Kurosaki to turn himself into the police regarding the incident. While Soichiro and the others waited for Kurosaki's name to be cleared, they speculated on the mysterious man who approached Kurosaki and how they have no record of him. The situation turned for the worse when the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications revealed that Kurosaki had been charged for murder. The politician responsible for "Jack" had been afraid of Midorikawa's information being released and arranged for the director of Kenbashi Electronics to obtain "Jack Frost", using the politician's secretary as his agent. Without sufficient proof, the ministry could not arrest the politician. To this end, they needed Soichiro to restore the data in Midorikawa's hard drive by decoding "Jack" - in exchange, they would absolve Kurosaki of the murder charges. Though Soichiro had already been ill with scirrhous carcinoma of the stomach, he agreed to invest the rest of his life into deciphering "Jack" to save Kurosaki. Kurosaki had been completely unaware of how sick Soichiro had been and had returned to find Soichiro dying on a hospital bed - that was the day that "DAISY" was born.

As Riko finishes the story, she tells Teru that Kurosaki has protected Teru since that day, but he still suffers from believing that his sin cannot be forgiven. Now that Teru understands Kurosaki and her brother's past, she resolves to go and save Kurosaki.


  • "Mr and Mrs President" - Keisuke and Yuki Miura.
  • Encryption virus "Jack Frost"
  • Takeda doesn't know anything.
  • "Let's get to work."
  • "What are you doing? We've been looking everywhere for you."
  • "The weight of the sin was too much."
  • "The professor wouldn't have given up so easily."
  • "If I manage to reach heaven, I will watch over you with your father."
  • Agents from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
  • The situation has gotten much worse.
  • "This evidence is absolutely crucial."
  • "You really came here prepared to lose everything."
  • The birth of DAISY
  • "Now I'll go save Kurosaki."