Chapter Thirty-Three: I'll be Able to See You
Ochibichan scan dengeki daisy vol07 ch33 pg01
Chapter 33 cover
Japanese Title あなたに会える
Romaji Title Anata ni Aeru
Volume Volume 7
Chapter 33
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Chapter Thirty-Two: Stray Heart
Chapter Thirty-Four: The Truth Comes Out

I'll be Able to See You[1] (あなたに会える, Anata ni Aeru) is the thirty-third chapter of Dengeki Daisy. It is published in volume seven of the series.


Though Haruka and Rena think Kurosaki intends to confess his romantic feelings for Teru, Teru believes he has invited her on an outing in order to tell her the painful secret behind DAISY. When she worries about how she should react to Kurosaki's confession, Rena tells Teru just to enjoy herself so she can respond to Kurosaki honestly. At the Ohanabatake, Riko expresses her worries to the Master about the affect of Kurosaki's intentions.

Teru tells Kurosaki that she's decided that she wants to go to an amusement park for their outing, and she takes Haruka's suggestion to research where to go using the school computer lab after gym class. Meanwhile, Kiyoshi learns that his missing cell phone was found at the edge of the gym, where he had not gone. Unknown to Teru, her online activities are being monitored by an unknown woman, who tells "Akira" to prepare for a trip to the amusement park where Teru wants to go with Kurosaki.

On Sunday, Teru and Kurosaki go the amusement park; Teru enjoys going on all the rides and Kurosaki asks to go on the ferris wheel last. When they go into a haunted house, Teru must leave her bag at the entrance, where someone manages to switch her cell phone with another one. However, Teru doesn't notice until Kurosaki leaves her to go to buy some food. Panicking, she read the message addressed to her on the phone, which is from Akira, ordering her to go the ferris wheel. At the food stand, Kurosaki receives a call from Chiharu Mori, who reveals Teru's whereabouts.

On the ferris wheel, Teru attempts to get her cell phone back from Akira, who antagonizes her with the promise of returning it after when the ferris wheel stops. Unexpectedly, the ferris wheel suddenly stops, and Kurosaki realizes that Chiharu has behind the incident. When he suddenly receives a message from Teru's phone, he is shocked to see the message telling him that Teru cannot forgive him for causing her brother's death and to disappear. On the ferris wheel, Akira remarks on Teru's expession and tells her it turn out this way because she kept silent.


  • Original colour cover in Betsucomi
  • Advice from Rena
  • The suspicious reappearance of Kiyoshi's phone.
  • "DAISY, I can finally meet you."
  • Don't let go of his hand.
  • No, really, don't let go of his hand.
  • At the shooting range
  • That isn't her phone.
  • "But what happens next is for your sake."
  • "What will DAISY do about this?"
  • No one thought it would end like this.


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