Chapter Three: I'm Still Green
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Chapter 3 cover
Japanese Title 自分, まだまだ青いっす
Romaji Title Jibun, Madamada Aoissu
Volume Volume 1
Chapter 3
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Chapter Two: Even for an Instant, He's a Hero!
Chapter Four: That Person is Near Yet Far

I'm Still Green[1] (自分, まだまだ青いっす, Jibun, Madamada Aoissu) is the third chapter of Dengeki Daisy.


Teru Kurebayashi's friends admire the school janitor, Tasuku Kurosaki, but are dismayed by her criticism of him and demand that she ask him what sort of girls he is interested in. That evening, Teru is forced to help Kurosaki take trash to a local junkyard. However, as they are walking through the street, they notice Rena Ichinose, the Student Council President, in the company of a boy and heading towards the red light district.

During dinner at a cafe run by Kurosaki's friend, Teru speculates that Rena ends up in bad relationships because she is lonely. When the Master of the cafe makes fun of Kurosaki for being cold because he only cares about one girl, Teru decides to ask what sort of girl he's interested in. Instead of being honest, he tells her that he's not interested in girls who are short and flat-chested - like Teru.

At school the next day, Teru approaches Rena, who assumes that Teru wants to blackmail her and becomes angry. However, Teru tells her that she thinks that Rena has too much class to be ashamed and admits to being worried about her. When Teru goes to work for Kurosaki later that day, he reveals that the "nice boy" that Rena is dating has lied to her about his background. Alarmed, Teru goes to find Rena, much to Kurosaki's consternation. Teru finds Rena, who has taken Teru's words to heart, confronting her boyfriend. When the boyfriend takes Rena away in a car, Teru sneaks inside while Kurosaki watches from afar and calls up the Master to locate where the car is taking the girls.

At a love hotel, Rena's boyfriend and his friends attempt to exploit the girls. Teru fails to send a text message to DAISY asking for help, so the girls begin to cause as much noise as possible in hopes someone will come. Surprisingly, Kurosaki arrives, armed with a chainsaw to scare everyone away. He drives both the girls home, leaving Teru feeling disappointed that she must have made Kurosaki angry. However, Kurosaki privately admits to Rena that he does like Teru.

When Teru confesses to DAISY that she's worried about how to face Kurosaki after making him so angry, Kurosaki shows that he's forgiven her by pulling a prank on her.


  • Completely wrong
  • Rena feels ashamed
  • There's a person who doesn't want to be seen.
  • There's only one girl.
  • "I didn't think it was your style."
  • Don't go.
  • Attempted message to DAISY.
  • Teru and Rena fight back
  • What sort of game?
  • An unknown side to Kurosaki?


  1. Dengeki Daisy manga, Viz Media translation; "Green" is an an expression meaning "inexperienced"