Chapter Twelve: Inside that Cell Phone
Chapter 12 cover
Cover page of chapter 12
Japanese Title その携帯の中に
Romaji Title Sono Keitai no Naka ni
Volume Volume 3
Chapter 12
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Chapter Thirteen: When the Truth is Out

Inside that Cell Phone[1] (その携帯の中に, Sono Keitai no Naka ni) is the twelfth chapter of Dengeki Daisy. It has been collected in volume three of the series.


Teru has a dream about her brother's last words to her and how he entrusted DAISY to look after her.

During the day, Teru and Kurosaki are assigned to buy a cheesecake for Riko. As Kurosaki argues with Riko over the phone, Teru decides to send a message to DAISY. Kurosaki's phone receives the message, causing him to panic and think of an odd excuse to prevent Teru from becoming curious about who he received the message from.

When they become separated while looking for a cheesecake, Teru is found by Takeda, who invites to her to an unknown location. Kurosaki gets a call from Riko, during which Kurosaki realizes he and Teru have become separated; Riko tells him that she's left Kurosaki's number with Teru in case something happens. He subsequently receives a call from Takeda, who challenges Kurosaki to find him and Teru.

At cheesecake shop, Teru enjoys a cheesecake and has a friendly conversation with Takeda. When Takeda offers to recharge Teru's cell phone with his laptop, she accepts. However, Takeda is surprised when Teru reveals that she is fully aware that he wants to find something in her cell phone and invites him to search very thoroughly and tell her what is inside. Takeda admits defeat, informing Teru that there is nothing special in her phone. He apologizes for causing trouble and hopes she will not be disappointed in DAISY when she learns who he is.

After some desperate searching, Kurosaki arrives at the cheesecake shop and is relieved to find Teru is alright. He and Takeda have a tense conversation while Teru buys a cheesecake, and Takeda reveals that his superiors will likely give up on using him to approaching Teru. When Teru joins them, Takeda promises not to approach her again. However, she tells him that she would like to see him again before he leaves.

As Kurosaki and Teru head home, Teru considers the idea of Kurosaki being DAISY and thinks about sending him a message. She dismisses the idea quickly as impossible.


  • Original colour cover
  • Takeda is DAISY...
  • ...or not.
  • Kurosaki relieved
  • "I want to see you again, Takeda-san."
  • "There's no way Kurosaki is DAISY."


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