Chapter Twenty-Five: Best in the World
Ochibichan scan dengeki daisy vol06 ch25 pg03
Chapter 25 cover
Japanese Title 世界でいちばん
Romaji Title Sekai de Ichiban
Volume Volume 6
Chapter 25
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Chapter Twenty-Four: Stay by My Side
Chapter Twenty-Six: Kiss

Best in the World[1] (世界でいちばん, Sekai de Ichiban) is the twenty-fifth chapter of Dengeki Daisy. It is the first chapter published in volume six of the series.


Teru dreams about her brother, Soichiro; she thanks him for watching over her and for bringing her together with DAISY. Meanwhile, Rena receives a call from Arai, who confesses to being behind the fake DAISY attack and tells Rena that he will turn himself in to the school director. Arai also reveals that his accomplice was behind the attacks on Teru when Rena asks, though he is alarmed when she asks why he has been threatening Mori=sensei.

When Teru wakes up, she's dumbfounded to find herself in Kurosaki's arms in his bed. Kurosaki wakes up immediately afterward and explains how she cried herself to sleep the previous night, but wouldn't let go of his shirt when he carried her to the bed. As a result, he tried to wait until she woke up to leave, but accidentally fell asleep. Kurosaki is riled up by her tepid reaction, though Teru assures him she believes him and thanks him for letting her cry and how he promised to stay by her side. After breakfast, they depart for school together.

At school, Andou answers a call investigating Arai's background. While Kurosaki is replying to Teru's DAISY message, Riko reveals that Mori-sensei has disappeared, as well with all the data detailing her background, and that Mori's attacker has turned himself over to the police, claiming he was coerced by Arai. Andou has Kurosaki run a search on Mori's data, during which Kurosaki discerns that Mori will be more troublesome than Arai. In the meantime, Rena confides in Teru regarding Arai's call the previous night and Teru encourages her to tell the school director.

Andou meets with Teru and Rena while Kurosaki listens to the meeting in another room. While Andou believes Rena's story about Arai's call, he reveals that the police have been unable to find Arai to confirm if he is behind the attack on Mori. Rena becomes upset at the news, though Teru tells her not to stop believing in Arai, just like how Teru's faith in DAISY is unwavering. Teru's words convince Rena to go with Andou and Riko to see the police regarding Arai.

Teru sees Riko and the others off and calls Kurosaki to asks for a ride home. He teases her with his usual banter, until Teru is suddenly caught by Arai. Kurosaki rushes to the school gates, but finds nothing but bloodstains on the ground.


  • An urgent call for Rena
  • What a surprise...
  • Off to school now
  • Not what you think


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