Chapter Twenty-Seven: Determination
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Chapter 27 cover
Japanese Title 決意
Romaji Title Ketsui
Volume Volume 6
Chapter 27
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Chapter Twenty-Six: Kiss
Chapter Twenty-Eight: The Possibility of a Happy Ending

Determination[1] (決意, Ketsui) is the twenty-seventh chapter of Dengeki Daisy. It is published in volume 6 of the series.


A sleeping Teru is remembering how she was fighting Chiharu Mori in the sea until she heard someone calling her and she used the rest of her strength to climb out of the water. At the hospital, Kurosaki and Riko are watching over Teru when the Master joins them and recounts what happened to Teru. As Kurosaki leaves to interrogate the hospitalized Arai with Andou, he thinks about when Teru said that she loved DAISY.

Andou requests Arai give up all the information he has on Chiharu Mori and anyone else he worked with while Andou will ensure that Arai is not unfairly accused during the police investigation, along with future employment and living expenses. Though grateful, Arai is puzzled by the offer, which Andou explains is because Teru and Rena continued to believe in him while Kurosaki reveals that their group has a stake in what Mori is after.

In Teru's room, she has woken up and is completely shocked with how Kurosaki saved her after she nearly drowned. She also reveals that she cannot remember anything after her fight with Mori in the water and learns from Riko that the police are searching for Mori. Meanwhile, Haruka and Rena arrive to visit Teru; Rena is especially thankful towards Teru for saving Arai and Teru feels alleviated knowing that Mori wasn't a good person.

Kurosaki and Andou sit outside the hospital and talk after visiting a convenience store. When Kurosaki mentions to Andou it felt uncanny that he and Teru were able to anticipate each other's actions in the recent incident, Andou remarks that using emails and DAISY to maintain his distance may become redundant. When Kurosaki returns to Teru's room, he sees she's with her friends and decides not to interrupt. Riko tells him that Teru doesn't remember anything about how he saved her; apparently relieved, he decides to return home without seeing Teru.

However, Kurosaki ends up in the hospital's garden with a pudding package he forgot to give Teru. Teru finds him outside and she thanks him for saving her. Kurosaki teases her as usual, but thinks to himself that the moment he finds the nerve to speak honestly to her, Teru will wind up crying more that she ever has before.


  • Original colourspread in Betsucomi
  • Teru is all right.
  • And so is Arai.
  • "That's how he saved me?"
  • That's all Teru remembers.
  • Thank you, Teru.
  • He'd give some advice, but he's tired right now.
  • Reading Betsucomi Deluxe
  • Awww... that's so cute.
  • "Good news, Tasuku!"
  • He thinks it's okay Teru can't remember.


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