Chapter Twenty-Six: Kiss
Ochibichan scan dengeki daisy vol06 ch26 pg01
Chapter 26 cover
Japanese Title くちづけ
Romaji Title Kuchiduke
Volume Volume 6
Chapter 26
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Chapter Twenty-Five: Most in the World
Chapter Twenty-Seven: Decision

Kiss[1](くちづけ, Kuchiduke) is the twenty-sixth chapter of Dengeki Daisy. It is published in volume six of the series.


Andou learns from Kurosaki that Teru has been kidnapped by Arai and he knows Arai's location. Though Andou cautions Kurosaki from acting rashly, Kurosaki tells him not to call the police yet and that he is going after Arai with the Master.

At a warehouse office, Arai is compressing data into a USB drive while Teru requests for her cell phone now that he has sent a message to DAISY. Her attempts to converse with Arai distract him, so he tells Teru to free herself from her bindings when he returns her phone. Even though Arai abducted her, Teru notices that Arai has not tried to contact his associates and that he is wounded and desperate. She discreetly makes a call to Kurosaki.

As the Master reassures Kurosaki that Teru will be fine, Kurosaki receives Teru's call, which she is using to transmit her conversation with Arai. When Arai collaspes, Teru learns that he is badly injured from a stab wound. Arai reveals that the culprit was Chiharu Mori, the infirmary teacher, who originally approached him to reconstruct the website that sent out the fake DAISY emails and is now framing him for the entire incident. He apologizes for kidnapping her and entrusts her with the USB drive containing the website's data before it was rewritten, asking her also to apologize to Rena on his behalf. Though Arai tells Teru to flee and find DAISY, she refuses to leave; the Master wonders if they should wait for her to persuade Arai, but Kurosaki is worried that the real culprit will arrive.

When the office phone rings, Chiharu Mori demands that Teru leave the building with the USB drive otherwise she will blow up a gas line she has tampered with to kill them. As Kurosaki and the Master rush to save them, Kurosaki speculates that Teru will leave the building but Arai will not be killed. When Teru meets with Mori, she hands Mori a cockroach instead of the USB drive, which Teru left with Arai in order to save him. Mori chases Teru to the seawall, where she finds Teru's cell phone. Teru tackles her and they end up in the water.

After the Master has found Arai and called an ambulance, he finds Kurosaki giving Teru CPR, which works. Teru falls asleep from exhaustion in Kurosaki's arms and tells him that she loves DAISY without remembering what she has said.



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