Chapter Twenty-Two: Each and Every Hurt
Chapter 22 cover
Chapter 22 cover
Japanese Title それぞれの痛み
Romaji Title Sorezore no Itami
Volume Volume 5
Chapter 22
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Chapter Twenty-One: The First...
Chapter Twenty-Three: To Protect, and To Lose Something

Each and Every Hurt[1] (それぞれの痛み, Sorezore no Itami) is the twenty-second chapter of Dengeki Daisy. It is published in volume five of the series.


Two students approach a man in a black hoodie at a train station. They were involved with stealing email addresses and want the man in the black hoodie to pay up. To their surprise, he isn't their usual contact - it's actually Kurosaki and he and the Master are there to force some information out of them. Meanwhile, the real culprit is monitoring the situation and informs his unknown accomplice about what has happened.

Teru shows off the necklace she received from DAISY, though her enthusiasm deflates when Haruka remarks that Kurosaki has been rather friendly with other students lately. Meanwhile, Rena has brought them to the Student Council room to fix its computer, though Rena becomes depressed when she mentions it was custom-built by Arai-sensei. Teru decides to recruit Kiyoshi for the job.

At the janitor's room, Kurosaki has gathered a list of email addresses that received the malicious email from some female students. The girls have quickly become his fans, though Kiyoshi mocks his behavior and Kurosaki is disgusted with himself. Kurosaki tells Kiyoshi that the source of the malicious emails has a code similar to the one used by Arai-sensei when he wrote the code for the school's system, though nobody has been able to find Arai. Andou appears and reveals his interrogation of the infirmary teacher Mori-sensei regarding the day of Kurosaki's injury yielded no results.

Teru drops by the room and asks Kiyoshi to help Rena with the Student Council's computer. When Kurosaki's female fans try to see him again, he locks the room with Teru inside. As they wait for the girls to leave, Teru discusses Rena's feelings for Arai and thinks that Rena hasn't metioned anything about Arai because she wants to protect him. In the Student Council room, Kiyoshi has managed to fix the computer and notices how Rena is upset over Arai. He tells her that Arai would be grateful that Rena still thinks Arai is a good person. His words affect Rena and Kiyoshi tries to call Kurosaki to tell him that Rena might be willing to give them information on Arai. Back in the janitor's room, Kurosaki has fallen asleep on Teru's shoulder from exhaustion and she decides to skip class to stay with him.


  • Not the usual guy
  • The real culprit
  • Showing off is bad...
  • "Arai-sensei built this computer."
  • "Who built this computer?"
  • "If I were Arai-sensei, I would cry tears of joy..."


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