Chapter Twenty: To the One I Love Dearly
Ochibichan scan dengeki daisy vol05 ch20 pg04-05
Chapter 20 cover
Japanese Title 大好きなきみへ
Romaji Title Daisuki na Kimi e
Volume Volume 5
Chapter 20
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To the One I Love Dearly[1] (大好きなきみへ, Daisuki na Kimi e) is the twentieth chapter of Dengeki Daisy. It is the first chapter published in volume five of the series.


Thanks to Kurosaki, Teru's friends find her unhurt in the rear garden. However, Kurosaki is unconscious from a concussion and needs to be taken to the hospital. Teru is badly shaken by the incident, especially when she receives another email from the imposter DAISY that blames her for involving good people.

At the hospital, Teru, Riko, Andou, and the Master wait as Kurosaki is examined. Everyone is relieved when they learn that Kurosaki, though badly injured, will recover. As the adults continue to argue about how to find who was responsible, Kurosaki wakes up and is otherwise fine. However, Kurosaki notices that Teru is being unusually apologetic and kindly tells her to stop hiding what is upsetting her.

After Teru explains the events that led her to the rear garden, the group believes that Teru was being targeted by someone who wanted to make sure she stayed silent. Teru recalls the note given to her by the third year student Kurosaki beat up, which gives everyone sufficient leads to investigate the incident.

Teru attempts to entertain Kurosaki while he's stuck at the hospital and he orders her around, though his demands show he's worried about her safety. She thanks him for noticing she was acting oddly and relates the story of how she tried to hide from DAISY how upset she was that she was unable to obtain a scholarship for a high school. However, DAISY had seen through her and arranged for her get into her current school, and she had been incredibly grateful and happy when DAISY replied. Teru tells Kurosaki that all she needs to be happy is for DAISY to watch over her.

Her words cause Kurosaki to nearly kiss her, though they are interrupted by Riko's sudden arrival and Kurosaki goes back to bullying Teru as usual. A flustered Kurosaki orders a confused Teru to go buy Riko some coffee. Left alone, Riko asks if Kurosaki has noticed what Teru has been trying to hide from him.


  • "...I'm fine... fine..."
  • Teru gets a hold of herself.
  • Riko's foolproof method for ending arguments.
  • The Master isn't happy with recent events.
  • Bad comedy routine
  • Riko drops by.
  • Japanese leek girl.


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