Chapter Two: Even if for an Instant, a Hero!
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Chapter 2 cover
Japanese Title 仮にもヒーローですから!
Romaji Title Karini mo Hiro desukara!
Volume Volume 1
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Even if for an Instant, a Hero![1] (仮にもヒーローですから!, Karini mo Hiro desukara!) is the second chapter of Dengeki Daisy, published in volume one of the series.


Teru Kurebayashi, a plucky high-school student, works as a servant for the janitor of the school, Tasuku Kurosaki, often doing tasks that Kurosaki is supposed to do while he slacks off. After Teru's confidante, a mysterious hacker known as DAISY saves her by exposing the information technology teacher's illegal activities, DAISY becomes the talk of the school. However, his hacking activities trouble Teru, who is afraid that if DAISY is caught, it will be her fault. After Kurosaki assures her that a person like DAISY wouldn't care about the consequences as long as Teru was happy, he lets her go for the day.

Unfortunately, after hanging out with her friends, Teru loses her cell phone, her only connection to DAISY. The loss of the phone distresses her enough to make her ill, forcing Kurosaki to take her home the next day when she succumbs to a fever when she is helping him. When a feverish Teru reveals that she doesn't care how bad a person DAISY is, Kurosaki promises to find a way to contact DAISY to recover her phone.

After leaving Teru to recover in her apartment, Kurosaki sets off as DAISY and manages to find the person who has picked up Teru's phone. Because the young man has no intention of returning the phone, DAISY threatens the person with personal information on him that DAISY will use to extort and blackmail the thief. Kurosaki returns to Teru's apartment with her phone, where she is half-asleep and unable to see who has entered her apartment in the dark. She thanks him for returning the cell phone and feels reassured that DAISY does exist and that for her, he is a real hero.

However, when Teru recovers the next day, Kurosaki demands that she repay his "kindness" by scouring all the school's rusted hatchboards clean, much to her consternation.


  • Coloured version of cover
  • The Master-Servant relationship
  • A hero of justice!
  • Message to DAISY
  • Teru's friends
  • DAISY's response
  • Ouch...
  • Teru's lost her phone
  • Good manners
  • Bad people in the world
  • A "bad" person...


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