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Chiharu Mori

Chiharu Mori (森 千春, Mori Chiharu) is introduced as the sexy but airheaded school nurse, who frequently makes thinly veiled backhanded insults at Teru. Kurosaki becomes suspicious of Mori when she tries to use Teru to expose DAISY, suggesting she is more dangerous than she appears.

It is eventually revealed that she was the true culprit behind various attacks on Teru and Kurosaki, all to obtain information regarding Jack Frost - a dangerous project that Kurosaki had been responsible for creating. Because she had been hired by Kazumasa Andou's predecessor as chairman of the school, her background is unknown. When her true identity is exposed, she disappears from the school and remains at large. Her capabilities as a hacker are enough to cause trouble for Kurosaki, along with her ruthlessness and willingness to change her loyalties as needed. The majority of her attempts to stop DAISY have been met with failure, though Chiharu is undeterred from continuing with her disruptive activities.

The author has noted that Chiharu's concept is that each time she appears, people question who she is. While Chiharu's hairstyle changes each time she appears, her appearance in chapter 48 is her actual hairstyle while in her other appearances she wears wigs.[1]


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  1. Dengeki Daisy manga, Volume 11, Chapter 50 - "Ask Baldy!"
    Question: Mori-sensei's hairstyle changes a lot, doesn't it? Which is her real hair? (Okayama Prefecture, A.C.-san)
    Answer: Chiharu usually wears a wig. Chiharu's concept is that every time she appears, it would make people ask 'who are you?' By the way, the short hairstyle at the start of chapter 48 (volume 10) is her real hair.