Dengeki Daisy Extra
Ochibichan dengekidaisy vol01 extra - page 1
First page of the extra chapter.
Japanese Title 電撃デイジー EXTRA
Romaji Title Dengeki Deiji Extra
Volume Volume 1
Chapter Extra
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Chapter Four: That Person is Near Yet Far
Chapter Five: Because the Time to Make a Decision is Near

The Dengeki Daisy Extra (電撃デイジー EXTRA) is an bonus story for Dengeki Daisy. It was originally published in Betsucomi Deluxe and included in volume one of the series. The events it depicts are not regarded as canon by the author[1].


Tasuku Kurosaki, a foul-mannered janitor, introduces himself and Teru Kurebayashi, a poor high school student who winds up doing all of Kurosaki's work because she's been forced to be his servant. She hates him for being lazy and for agitating her all the time. During one afternoon, Kurosaki looks up Teru's skirt and comments on the colour of her underwear.

Teru responds by kicking Kurosaki in the face and then sending a text message to her anonymous confidante, DAISY, angrily relating what happened to her while asking for advice on what sort of underwear would be appropriate for her. Unbeknowst to Teru, DAISY is actually Kurosaki, whose attitude towards her is an act to maintain his distance from her. The Master, a friend of Kurosaki who runs a local cafe, teases Kurosaki for actually being in love with Teru and warns that who knows what will happen tomorrow if he keeps forcing himself to stay away from Teru.

The next day, Kurosaki gives Teru a cream bun for a snack, which cheers her up. When she gets cream on her fingers, Kurosaki unexpectedly licks it from her fingers. Alarmed, Teru tries to give him the rest of her cream bun, but he winds up pinning her down to a lawn chair and leans in to kiss her...

...which is revealed to be the end of a scenario suggested by the Master should Kurosaki keep restraining himself around Teru. Kurosaki violently overreacts to the story, while the Master comments that such a plan would allow Kurosaki to kiss Teru and get her to hate him. Still upset with the story, Kurosaki asks if the story could at least occur under a roof, which the Master responds that Kurosaki has missed the point and is a big pervert.


  1. Dengeki Daisy, volume 1, Author's Note.
    "I hope everyone will take note of the following:
    1. This isn't a continuation of chapter 4.
    2. This extra (mostly) has nothing to do with the story itself."