Everyone's Happy New Year ♡
Ochibichan dengekidaisy - new year
First page of the extra chapter.
Japanese Title 番外編 ~ それぞのしあわせなな正月♡~
Romaji Title Bangai-hen ~ Sore zo no Shiawasena na Shōgatsu ♡ ~
Volume Volume 6
Chapter Extra
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Chapter Thirty: Only I Know

Everyone's Happy New Year ♡[1] (番外編 ~ それぞのしあわせなな正月♡~, Bangai-hen ~ Sore zo no Shiawasena na Shōgatsu ♡ ~) is an extra chapter included in volume six of Dengeki Daisy. The chapter was originally published in a special edition of Betsucomi in January 2010. The events do not directly correlate to the plot and do not occur chronologically after chapter 29[2]. The chapter is later referenced as occurring in the winter break before chapter 46[3].


On New Year's Eve, Teru Kurebayashi, Riko Onizuka, the Master play Bouzu Mekuri, a Japanese gambling card game, while Tasuku Kurosaki falls asleep after drinking. Noticing Kurosaki's peaceful expression, the Master decides to place the Monk card from the game under Kurosaki's head so Kurosaki's first dream of the year will involve going bald.

Teru and Riko talk about how the first dream of the year predicts the fortune of a person for the rest of the year and the traditionally lucky things to dream about. For good luck, people often place a charm underneath their head before sleeping. Teru becomes sleepy just as the Master and Riko consider having a karaoke session.

When Kurosaki wakes up from a strange dream, he finds Teru is asleep with Kurosaki under her head as a lucky charm.


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